Crytek Sends Cease and Desist To A Popular Photo Mode Modder Frans Bouma

Immersed Gamer writes: "Frans Bouma just received a Cease and Desist letter from Crytek, developers of Crysis. Did he pirate their game? Or maybe he infringed on their copyright? What horrible thing did Bouma do to deserve this? Well, he modded in a photo mode so that people could take beautiful pictures and share them on social media."

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annoyedgamer125d ago

Open source the code and dump it on the internet.

mastershredder125d ago

"from his Patreon page" Uhhhh yeah.......Oh gee and I wonder why that was problem? You know where this goes there Filip or perhaps you are just not quite yet.

Mazgamer125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

It's astounding how quickly someone uniformed will take a side of soulless company just because a modder might be making some pocket change.

For your information: He puts all of his camera mode mods on GitHub, completely free of charge. His Patreon is nothing more than a way to tip him some cash for his work.

He says so himself on his GitHub page:
I do this for fun, not profit, but can't create cameras for games I don't own. I've therefore setup a Patreon page which allows you to safely support my work".

Are you following "mastershredder", or are you not quite there yet?

Giblet_Head125d ago

I did some digging and from what I can see it's probably the "early access" releases of his mods only through Patreon that may have stirred Crytek to send the C&D. Apart from that his mods are indeed available free of charge through his GitHub page.

CobraKai125d ago

It’s a non-profit mod tho. It confuses me cuz modders can do things like completely overhaul the art assets of a game or add licensed cars, but adding a photo mode seems to get the cease.

Orchard125d ago

I guess they want to be the next T2/Rockstar...

Fishy Fingers125d ago

Rarely do you see something with so much potential (Crytek) shoot themselves in the foot so many times.

BlackIceJoe125d ago

Instead of sending a C&D Crytek should thank him, for this, because this will lead to more people buying and playing the game.

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