Ghost Recon Future Soldier - must see dynamic gameplay demo video

This must see video shows off dynamic gameplay from the single player part of the game.

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Toman852366d ago

Is it me, graphics looks better in singleplayer than multiplayer? It sure looks like it
Hope we can see some PC gameplay please, since my PC is not dead yet spec wise :)

bunt-custardly2366d ago

Isn't it widely accepted that graphics in SP are better than MP?

Anyone nice video.

kaveti66162366d ago

Perhaps he meant to say the reverse.

turgore2366d ago

If you remember GRAW singleplayer had awesome graphics but in myltiplayer it was just average.

Toman852365d ago

Many levels in mp of BF3 looks quite as good as the singleplayer. I do remember graw sp was better visually than mp. That was my point :)

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32365d ago

Gears 3 graphics online are better than the single player. But I guess that's to be expected since every bit of dlc is upgraded code...

Kingdom Come2365d ago

I find it depends on the developer, Epic Games and Guerrilla Games both managed to maintain the stunning visuals of Gears of War and Killzones graphics in the multiplayer...

Richdad2365d ago

@WrAiTh Sp3cTr3, part of the reason was that Gears 3 multiplayer levels are a smaller than that of single player, hence devs can insert more details.

It question of choice large levels with low details or small levels with very high level of details.

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SignifiedSix2366d ago

Pretty sure its been like that in the Advanced warfighter series too.

Seriously though, i cant wait for this game!

showtimefolks2365d ago

my interest about this game has been going up and up, and i know i will be playing this for all the wrong reason Single player. So here is hoping atleast the story is decent

ShadesMoolah2366d ago

I've been having a blast with this, looking forward to others getting their hands on it at release to give the co-op a good going over.

dirthurts2366d ago

How do you get access to the demo??

h311rais3r2366d ago

Conviction. And it's not very good. Doesn't feel like GR at all

XIIIWARRIOR412365d ago

You have to be a PS plus subscriber. Trust me, this game is fun and ley those crybabies who cheat,camp,boost whatever stick to COD. The game at times reminds me of SOCOM with a little twist. Just give it a shot if your a PS plus subscriber. If you dont like it, at least you gave it a try and naybe you like something a little more fast pace like Battlefield. This game takes patience and if you dont have it, this is not for you but like I said...give it a go, I did and I love it.

kaveti66162366d ago

Boring. I'm getting tired of these tightly controlled shooters. Or shooters in general. How many times do publishers expect players to want this sort of Black OP/ Espionage / Tom Clancy Spy Thriller / Special Squad / Stealth Counter-terrorist game.

Where are my damn wizards.

Developers are so worried about giving the new batch of middle school tween gamers the same game they gave us, that they forget we're still here. And we outnumber the new guys 10 to 1.

bunt-custardly2366d ago

There are plenty of other games to play to suit all tastes. I think you're being a little melodramatic.

kaveti66162366d ago

No, I'm not. You could say I was being melodramatic if I said I cried during the end of MGS4 or Heavy Rain or if I said my jaw dropped while watching a trailer for something or if I said I wet my pants. That would be melodramatic. The word you're looking for is "cynical." I was being cynical.

MidnytRain2366d ago


You're "being" stupid. Most games don't play like this. Anyone who complains about there not being enough of a genre 99% of the time just isn't looking in the right direction.

Frankfurt2366d ago

You say that like changing the setting would change much. Uncharted is still a TPS like so many out there.

Unless it's Vanquish or RE4, most TPS games feel pretty damn close.

MidnytRain2366d ago (Edited 2366d ago )

Meh, there are countless little quirks, mechanics, and value changes that make no two games play exactly the same. Often times a game will feel different and one can't describe what makes it so.

Legion2365d ago

"Where are my damn wizards." has a crying melodramatic feel to it.

As to the answer to your question... you have simply to look for Skyrim, Risen 2, The Witcher 2, Two Worlds 2, etc.. Many games out already and coming out in the near future that give you your Wizards and such.

As for me... I am one of the old guys and I enjoy my FPS games like BF3 and Flashpoint. And I like my Wizards new school as in Mass Effect, just as much as the old school Skyrim Wizards.

gaden_malak2365d ago

I don't think kaveti knows what cynical means if he thinks he was being cynical.

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TENTONGUN2365d ago (Edited 2365d ago )

im only lookin forward to single player and coop. adversal is garbage imo. i just cant get the hang of it. idk if its the slow controls or whatever, but when the enemy is moving my controller cant keep up :/ why the hell is that and how many times has this game been delayed? fix it damnit

Veni Vidi Vici2365d ago

Looks pretty boring to me. Horrible AI too.

Ravenor2365d ago

The AI isn't perfect in a game with larger environments? Wow, say it isn't so! The AI is ridiculously stupid in 99.9% of shooters.

The pace of the game is also clearly not for you, whats unfortunate is that attitudes like this ruined what Ghost Recon actually was, a long time a go. A difficult, thinking mans shooter that rewarded long forgotten patience.

TekoIie2365d ago

This game rewards strategy too! Get the kill or take time and risk your life hacking him to reveal locations of ALL other enemies AND then get your kill. This game rewards patience and strategy!

Veni Vidi Vici2365d ago

I said "to me", didn't I?

It's called an opinion. In my opinion, he spent most of his time walking around doing nothing. It's EXTREMELY passive.

To top it off, he walks in clear sight of them and they don't notice? They have camo but it's not that good. You can clearly see them. Oh, and then there's the sound of your silenced weapon. They would have heard that too. Silenced guns aren't silent. Oh, and don't forget not seeing their own guys being taken from behind. How do they not notice that?

If you want to play it, have at it. Way too passive for me and the AI is so dumb that it takes any real strategy out of the game.

gemc6662365d ago (Edited 2365d ago )

killzone 2 and 3 had very good AI for a FPS, wasnt like "hey, there's the guy who bought this game, let kill him" it was a team work against you

humbleopinion2365d ago (Edited 2365d ago )

Try running towards enemy with a knife in Killzone 2. You will then probably see how stupid they are and how the "Teamwork" smoke and mirrors falls apart. They just can't properly cope with melee.

gemc6662365d ago

try running with the knife on Hard to see how far you will make it

humbleopinion2364d ago

Made it just fine through about 50% of the game - that's how I played from the start. The only times where this didn't work was when other enemies were scattered in far away places and shot me while knifing another AI.

But The AI inability to act on close proximity threats is a plain fail. Every time I had only one enemy left to fight with the process became a cakewalk because they simply could not retaliate.

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