There's never been a better time to join PS Plus

A clumped mass of games is hitting PSN next month, and a lot of it is free to PS Plus subscribers. Including Awesomenauts, the multiplayer battle arena style game from the creators of another former freebie a la PS Plus called Swords & Soldiers.

The list of free games goes on and on, most likely totaling somewhere in the range of $100 worth. For PS3 gamers that have not yet signed up for a Plus subscription may want to consider next month as the best time to do so.

Remember though, nearly all PS Plus freebie are only free for a one week period, thereafter going for the full price, so you want to be punctual.

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Emilio_Estevez2419d ago

Trine 2 and Rock of Ages is pretty great.

Hoje03082419d ago

They had me at Max Payne.

Outside_ofthe_Box2418d ago (Edited 2418d ago )

I thought I was the only noticing the sudden wave of good PS+ deals. So many things I've wanted to get in the PS store are PS+ only. I'll never be a member though. I refuse to pay for online.

PirateThom2418d ago

It's not paying for online, it's paying for game content up front.

Outside_ofthe_Box2418d ago

^^^ Not necessarily as not everything is free. But whatever you want to call it I refuse to pay. I'm glad that I have the option to choose.

Bathyj2419d ago

I think I'll have to get Max Payne.
I just wish it was a HD remake.

dboyman2419d ago

Looks promising though Sony needs more PSN Plus "goodies" for PS Vita...

catfrog2419d ago

they also need to bring cloud saving for ps+ to vita

Ducky2419d ago

I'd say this month's free Shift2 and Shank2 were a better time to join.

Hicken2419d ago

Shank 2 is a yes. Shift 2? I could do without that game ever touching my PS3 again.

goflyakite2418d ago

I think they're still there so if you sign up before next Tuesday you'll have everything.

KosmoCrisis2418d ago

Both Shift 2 and Shank 2 are previously released titles. May's freebies are comprised of several NEW releases. Tallying the monetary value in the two months so far shows May as the better month, but as @goflyakite said, newbies could get everything if they get on now.

Der_Kommandant2419d ago

If Max Payne doesn't convince you to go plus, maybe nothing will.

badz1492419d ago

If later on there will be GTA 3 or Vice City or San Andreas HD free for PS+ user? GTA V is on the way, there is every possibilities that it can happen! If it does happen, MEGATON and if it still can't convince people to go Plus, only then I think nothing else will!

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The story is too old to be commented.