HD DVD Exclusive Transformers Running on PS3

Haven't tried this, but apparently a Japanese gamer was able to rip HD DVD exclusive, burn it on Blu-ray and get it running on a PS3. What was used:
• HD DVD drive
• Copy of Transformers HD DVD
• Drive for Blu-ray disc writing
• BD-R/RE disc
• HD DVD rip shareware "AnyDVD HD"
• EVO file demu freeware software "EVOdemus"
• TS file demux/remux freeware software "TSremux"
• BD lighting software "Ulead Burn.Now" (BD drive bundle)

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RadientFlux5435d ago

Not really news... people have been transferring movies from one format to another for more then 10 years ago (ie VHS to DVD).

dantesparda5435d ago (Edited 5434d ago )

Im sorry, but this new Transformers movie is a piece of sh!t! IT SUCKS! if you want a far better movie, watch the 86' Transformer the Movie. Now that's a good movie. "Til all are one!"

Wow! disagrees with that!? what that the new movie doesnt suck or that the old movie isnt good? Go back and see the old movie and tell me its not much better than the new one. You kids today really like sh!t!

mullet5435d ago

Paramount and Universal will be switching over to Blu-ray sooner than you think. They don't have a choice, after that huge move by Warner.

TANOD5435d ago

Paramount and Universal will make the BD switch announcement as soon as next week's NEILSON's scan hits N4G

ravinash5435d ago

I expect they will.
But imagine the slap in the face paramount would get if Pirates copied transformers from HD-DVD to BlueRay disks and sold it as BlueRay...that would take all their sales. so in the end paramount would get nothing out of their deal with HD-DVD.

Lifendz5434d ago

you just gave a lot of credit to pirates. Take all their sales? C'mon man. That would take a phenominal amount of piracy. Furthermore, I live in NYC (where you can get anything you want at any time) and I've yet to see Transformers being sold on blu-ray. And even if it were here that's just a fraction of potential sales. Transformers on blu-ray will sell just fine even if it has to deal with a little piracy. There is no such thing as piracy taking all the sales.

Luca Blight5435d ago

Not that I had anything against HD-DVD, I just didn't own a player. Transformers on blu-ray would be a godsend. I had to buy it on DVD and was wishing the entire time that I could have been watching it in high-def.

monkey6025435d ago

Agreed. Transformers was the only HD DVD I wish I had.

OpiZA5435d ago


Slow news day

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The story is too old to be commented.