Diablo 3: Open Beta Stress Testing Weekend a Success

GameBandits: "Blizzard have released a statement declaring last weekend’s open Beta stress test was largely successful. According the Diablo 3 developers the servers faced a whopping 300,000 concurrent players. Despite this, there is still room for improvement before the game’s release."

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rebirthofcaos3380d ago

I was not even able to download the client >_>

caboose323380d ago

Yea for the first 2 days the client wouldn't even download for me.

It was something about the Agent.exe file that was causing it to crash for tons of people.

barrelboyHD3380d ago

you didn't miss anything.

goguxxx3380d ago

They should have expected more like 3mil not 300k . They need decent servers to run the game properly on launch,or they get rickrolled even by their own blizzfanboyz

Other than the endless dcs and server busy crap,it was a pretty fun experience .

filipakos3380d ago

If i hadnt played the beta i would have buy it but now i regret it cause it was just to boring for me.Spam clicking.My opinion though.

MrGunny943380d ago

You would fix the Agent.exe by CTRL+ALT+DELETE then go to process and then delete the process with that name

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