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PS3 Attitude: "I scared myself the other day. Before you ask, no, I didn’t look in a mirror or work out when the last time I exercised was; I counted up all the role-playing games I own that I haven’t completed yet."

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joab7773033d ago

I am in your boat too. I have managed to keep up with the rpg, with the exception of kingdoms of analytical, which i plan to go back to, but other games are stacking up rapidly. But, how do i not fit in the witcher 2 (which i had to move to xbox to play).

soundslike3033d ago

When it comes to wrpgs at least, you're done with them when you're bored with them, not when the story conludes. One may happen before the other, but thats usually how it goes for me at least.

I just started Amalur and the faction quests are actually really entertaining, I'll probably finish the quests I want to do before I get bored.

Skywalker12343033d ago

I cant relate, I am more into rpgs than ever, Than ever..............

I soak them up like chocolate

fire emblem this week baby