Fez's Shifting Genres (Nightmare Mode)

Nightmare Mode's Tom Auxier takes a look at Fez and finds a game that's selling something entirely different than what's on offer.

"What Fez is about—the existence of a world, and its idiosyncrasies, fully formed inside a work of art—is not how it is about it. Fez wants to be about the befuddling puzzles that took the world a week to solve, but instead it’s a platformer. Fez oozes brilliant puzzles from every pore, yet the way it goes about delivering its exceptionalism comes in a series of decidedly mundane jumping puzzles and a startling screen-shifting mechanic that’s already old hat."

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patrickwlindsey3275d ago

I actually LIKE that Fez takes such a drastic turn. As a platformer for the first couple of hours it seems like just lighthearted fun, but once the puzzles increase in complexity it sort of hints at something almost sinister beneath its surface. It's kind of in tune with the theme of the game itself.