BioWare doing “anything and everything” to keep players logging in to SW:TOR

Star Wars: The Old Republic is four months old, and as it matures players want to know what the plan is for the future. This month’s Rakghoul plague event is a sign that BioWare still have a few surprises up their sleeves: but there are still question marks over the future of the game, and what will keep players logging in during the wait between updates.

It’s exactly the kind of the scenario that breeds speculation, most of it of the “sky is falling” variety. PC Gamer spoke to BioWare’s Daniel Erickson about the future of the game and the challenges of responding to the community while sticking to the established content plan.

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NYC_Gamer2368d ago

TOR is about to fade in the sand and be the most expensive mmo flop ever

dragonopt12368d ago

Think they are going to have a lot of people move to Diablo 3/Tera and Guild Wars 2 when they're released and lose even more.

Tr10wn2368d ago

Tera? that game is failing in the beta what makes you think people will leave ToR for that game, GW2 and D3 are not paid to play so people who are dedicated to MMO will still pay TOR and play both GW2 and D3, IMO TOR is the only P2P game to play this year all the others sucks even WoW will suck with that expack.

deadfrag2368d ago (Edited 2368d ago )

Please were did you read TERA is failing in the Beta!?Thats not true,if you actually read the forums people are loving TERA and the TERA team has been making several increments on the game from all the feedback they have received!They are actually quite fast responding and updating the game.

closnyc2368d ago

ahaha where is tera failing the beta? playing both of them ill take tera over tor anytime. tor is dead dude. thats it. it was a flop, nothing new to the table, same old bioware crap, choices that dont matter and a wow clone.

Tr10wn2368d ago

I played the beta, the game is grind'ish my friend is lvl 32 in just one weekend the max level is 60, imo i hate the map channel thing is just pointless, thats my main reason why WoW beats all the others MMO 1 channel for the whole server, and the last thing that kill it for me completely was seen people lining up to kill some monster for a quest, that just blew my mind, i mean is 2012 if i wanted to do that ill go play ragnarok or something like that, ill stick with TOR P2P and DC:UO and LoL F2P

Saryk2368d ago

SW:TOR is not a flop. The problem is that there are a ton of MMOs out there. I would rather spend $9.99 at APB, $6.99 at World of Tanks and a small amount at Tribes Ascend/ Global Agenda! The market is saturated and the day of having 30 million subs is over!

Tr10wn2368d ago

Completely agree with you TOR is an excellent game is just that i really wont spend 15$ a month to play 30 hours per month, i rather play LoL

Bimkoblerutso2368d ago

There are a ton of MMO's AND aside from a moderately stronger narrative, SWTOR does very little to differentiate itself from those tons of other MMO's.

I played for a couple of months and capped a single character before I realized that I'd already been through all of it dozens of times before over the past eight or so years.

banjadude2368d ago

Is the final build of this game really that bad? I only played the beta, so you'll have to excuse me...

Waddy1012368d ago

No it's not bad at all, in actually fact it's a very good MMO with a strong basis in the Star wars fiction and a very good story for an MMO.
The problem is it doesn't do enough to differentiate itself from other MMOs available past that because the gameplay is very similar to a lot of other stuff available and the Endgame is kinda meh. Although they have brought out the legacy system now which encourages people to make new characters and experience different storylines because you get bonuses.

banjadude2368d ago

The only other MMO I played was Cabal, so naturally, this game was like God-sent, lol.

Thanks for the reply.

deadfrag2368d ago (Edited 2368d ago )

Its not a must have!If you played the beta them you know what to expect.Until it goes F2P its going to keep losing clients.Frankly with GW2 coming out F2P,and TERA and Diablo 3 coming also TOR must go F2P the sooner the better.TERA its good from what i played in the beta but its not F2P and its an action oriented game.You can even play the game with a controller on PC.

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