Eight really great games that will make you feel dirty

Credit to the Japanese developers, they know how to make the kind of game normal people wouldn’t be caught playing in public.

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Snookies122459d ago

What's wrong with Blazblue? Aside from the whole Ragna/Nu weird thing going on... Lol

Havok1232459d ago

I dont see whats wrong with blazblu or atelier

FinaLXiii2459d ago (Edited 2459d ago )

As much i like japanese culture i hate this type of games that simply focus on sexual references (aka ecchi) and completly focus the game on it.

i simply want those good old fashioned avdentures with a little boy with spiky hair or a mascot as a main character for a change.

games are geting to obessed with sex nowdays with no good reason.

LoaMcLoa2459d ago

Next up: Lollipop Chainsaw

Redempteur2459d ago

rofl i never felt dirty playing those games...only those that haven't a solid ground on their sexual tastes are bothered by nudity and "eichi"