Kingdom Under Fire CoD Gets 5.25/10 from Game Informer

Ben Reeves writes, "The problems are clear from the outset. Before you are even mindlessly hacking away at mobs of lemming-like enemies, your character is introduced to you via a short, confusing, and poorly scripted cinematic – 'short' being the closest thing to a compliment I can give them. Honestly, the story is all but nonexistent. You practically have to hunt it down. At various points in the game you come upon shrines where you can go to sleep and enter a strange astral-like plane. This is where you interact with the one or two other characters who make up the entirety of the game's cast, but you may as well just sleep through these segments yourself they are so boring."

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MK_Red3988d ago

A much more appropriate score than 1UP's. Still, with a bit more forgiving look at the bugs and some rushed corners, the game could have been 6 unless there is a huge problem in the middle that we haven't seen so far.