Electronic Theatre PAL Review: Hellboy: The Science of Evil

The latest videogame adaptation of a motion-picture to hit the Xbox360 this summer is Konami's Hellboy: The Science of Evil. Having been compared to the mighty God Of War by the film's Director – Guillermo del Toro – who reportedly had a great amount of influence over the game in both gameplay and aesthetic remits, Hellboy: The Science of Evil has a lot to live-up-to for a relatively small budget production; especially when, for all-intents-and-purposes, it's effectively been whisked onto UK shop shelves without even an announcement of a European release.

The game is intended to be played as a traditional linear Hack-N'-Slash, amongst the likes of the Devil May Cry series and Kingdom Under Fire: Circle Of Doom, as well as Silicon Knights recently released big-budget production, Too Human...

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