Crappyreviews:The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition (Xbox 360) Review

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There is no doubt that The Witcher 2 is one of the biggest exclusives to hit the Xbox 360 this year, takes an in depth look at the game and gives an honest take on the game. Check out the review many are hailing as "Better than IGN's review".

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Tai_Kaliso2375d ago

Great review! One of the best RPG's to come out this generation.

Bimkoblerutso2375d ago

Yeah, great review. And I agree with Tai up there. One of the best, and EASILY the most beautiful.

theeg2375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )

much, MUCH better on pc, but nice that they were able to port it to 360, it looks bloody awful, but the awesome gameplay is still intact.

the difference is that of god of war 3 on ps3 and god of war on psp, which, by the way, god of war on psp is still awesome, it just looks like absolute CRAP compared to god of war 3 on ps3.

Tai_Kaliso2375d ago

Your showing a picture that looks blurrier then anything I've seen on my playthrough of Witcher 2 on Xbox 360, against a screen shot from a high end PC. Of course the high end $1200 rig is going to beat it.

The Xbox 360 version doesn't look horrible though, it looks pretty good, I'd say as good or better then an average PC trying to play the game.

Siren302375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )

Do pc fanboys ever give up? It might be slightly better looking on the pc but not much,Much better. It is most certainly more closer than god of war on psp and god of war on ps3

Mariusmssj2375d ago

They are quite much different: watch this in 1080p

on top you can always enable uber-sampling + download the high texture pack.

I am not trying to compare and say ones better than the other, because it's just not fair, Xbox is a 6 year old machine.

MerkinMax2375d ago

Alright I need honest answers. I'm having a tough time breaking into the RPG genre. What games would be good for me to start with. I already played the Mass Effect trilogy, but not in a very RPG like manner. Is dark souls a good start?

Siren302375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )

My favorite rpgs are games like fallout 3 and skyrim. If you want more of a mix of rpg and shooter I highly recommend borderlands. It is my favorite game this gen. Plus borderlands 2 will be out in september

baodeus2375d ago

do you want something simplistic or you want to be in control of everything little details kinda of RPG?

MerkinMax2374d ago

Well I think simpler first

baodeus2372d ago

Simpler ones:

1. Fable 2 or 3
- it looks like a lot (tones of places to explore, tones of hidden secrets, lots of things to do) but a very simplified RPG. Don't take it too seriously, play casually and i think you might enjoy it quite a bit. Very unique RPG out there.
2. Jade Empire, Knight of the Old Republic (old xbox games that you can still play on x360).
3. Kingdom under fire: circle of doom
- if you like diablo hack and slash types w/ simple weapon forging/upgrade/etc.. give this a try. It isn't on the same level of customization (skills/weapon) as such but it is still pretty fun from time to time. Just mindless grinding/hack and slash types of game.
4. Dark soul
- a very good hack and slash types of game. Just play cautiously and take your times, don't rush and you might do well, although I can't guarantee when you being invaded by others players.

Detail Oriented RPG:

1. Lost Odyssey (Final Fantasy of this gen)
2. Skyrim (well probably the largest game ever)
3. Witcher 2 (just the menu alone would kill you, need sometime to get used too)
4. Tales of Vesperia
5. Star Ocean 4 (although i hated this game because of the stupid characters/story, the battle system on the other hand is outstanding).
6. Infinite Undiscovery (like Star Ocean, but more tolerable characters and story)