Xbox Black Friday Game Sale 2021 Starts Now

Daily Video Game writes: "Xbox Store has just kicked off its Black Friday game sale ahead of PSN, featuring tons of recently released, AAA, and indie games with huge savings for Xbox gamers right now!"

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prophecy61d ago

Xbox Store has just kicked off its Black Friday game sale -ahead of PSN- - Did they get kickbacks for saying this?

Here is a link to PlayStation Indies -1349 items

Here is a link to November Savings - 590 items

Here is a link to the Under $20 sale - 230 items

PlayStation's Black Friday sale starts tomorrow with hundreds more games.

It's kind of a joke to act like xbox is EVER beating Sony to a sale. Sony always has 3-4 sales going on with thousands of games. PSN having 1000+ games is just another Tuesday on PlayStation.

DJStotty60d ago

Relax, it is just an xbox black friday sale....

prophecy60d ago

Listen, this site decided to make it a competition. Why don't you ask them why they needed to add that part about PSN.

DJStotty60d ago


The same reason if it was the other way around, it would be worded "PSN black friday game sale starts now before XBL"

Nothing in it, just stating one has started before the other, if this kind of thing triggers this kind of reaction, speak to someone.

prophecy60d ago

I have never seen a PSN sale article that mentioned anything about xbl, much less made it seem like any type of competition.

Livingthedream60d ago

PROPHECY just took fanboyism to a different level. SMH seems like some people are insecure about their console.

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Chris1260d ago

Not everything in life is a conspiracy. Chill out........

DaveZero60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

Agreed sometimes fanboys just need to stop because there is nothing going on to support fanboynonsense.

Do not know why people just cant enjoy games and have to ensure all sorts of cracked up conspiracy drama.

Gaming4Life198160d ago

Chill and just buy all the games you want that's on sale. All consoles will have a black friday sale.

BenRC0160d ago

Omg dude, you'll get some aaa games soon I promise! Let xbox have its month in the sun.

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BrainSyphoned60d ago

Thanks but my rental service is all I need on Xbox. Like the other article states if I want to buy a game to keep it is physical on PS.

CBaoth60d ago

Yep. Buy 1st, 2nd, and 3rd party on PS, double dip on 3rd party PC, buy occasional 1st party on Nintendo, and rent on Xbox. I'll never buy another game from MS since it's apparent developers get paid quite handsomely off GP contracts according to Xbox fans here

Father__Merrin60d ago

There's no need for them to say ahead of PSN they have done so due to paid shilz nothing more