Fixes For Diablo III Open Beta Error

There is lots of errors and users are frustrated that they cannot login into the Diablo III beta client. We have a possible fix for some of the errors you are having. Very useful article if you want to play Diablo III.

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OmegaSaiyanX2784d ago

My WoW account is frozen as I signed up for the year thing that Blizzard was doing and dont get any time to play WoW anymore so they froze it.
Would I still be able to play the Diablo 3 open beta?

catfrog2784d ago

if theyre not letting you use your other account, just make a new one and use that

adorie2784d ago

Call them, if their website fails to help you. My account was unused for a long time, but I still have both the vanilla and BC cd keys, so they verified those and few other tidbits and I got a new pass, etc.

I did this especially for D3 Beta. WoW can crash and burn. I have some very rare mounts in that game and I need to sell it quick.

Brugs2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

If your account is in good standing you can, or you can create a new one to play free.