NBA 2K7 Review

Shaq is one of the most dominating basketball players on the planet. He's just getting old.
NBA 2K7 suffers from the same fate, if you can really call it "suffering." The NBA 2K franchise has for years been as dominating as the Big Diesel, turning in such smooth, realistic gameplay that the game has become the videogame choice for a number of NBA stars. But 2K7 is aging, improving only marginally in gameplay and graphics, utilizing the same elements that made the game a winner way back on the Dreamcast.

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pRo loGic II5847d ago

When i played the demo i was blowin away by the graphics and the gameplay maybe it's because i havn't played B-ball games for a few generation, ask me if i care.

uuuunvnv25847d ago

graphics improved dramaticly since last year. gameplay fell off dramaticly since last year.

USMChardcharger5847d ago

i agree #1. i have had a blast with the demo. it has made me want this game pretty bad. i thought they changed a lot of stuff. game play is great. but it has been awhile since i have played a b-ball game as well.

PS360WII5847d ago

I did play the demo and I have all the others since Dreamcast and so far Dreamcast is still the best. I'm not really happy with the change of gameplay sure it's suttle and all but still they messed with an already perfect control. :(