NBA 2K7 (G) PS3, rrp. $119.95

The lowdown: Soar to the rim like Kobe in the best basketball sim on the market.

Shelf-life: Yo, homey, ready to kick it to the kerb so you can see how this B-boy owns the lane? OK, so my trash-talking is nearly as embarrassing as my real-life attempts to play basketball. Who cares? I have NBA 2K7.

All the elements are here -- superb presentation that mimics a TV broadcast, players who look, move and perform like their real-life counterparts, a variety of modes and a challenging, yet fair, learning curve.

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darkside5421d ago

did you smoke CRACK today?! this is not news!

Mr VideoGames5421d ago

still doesn't stop me from posting this Video though...FLAME BROILED PS3 ANYONE?

Leathersoup5421d ago

If only they'd shown that they didn't have an empty box.

gamehead5421d ago

arent you ashamed? if i was a 360 fanboy i would definetly be ashamed. A bunch of clowns with nothing to do thats even remotely entertaining. I mean they should have jst gone with a song it would have been better. The fact that this gives you joy is truly frightening. you fanboy need to get a life

gamehead5421d ago

how did this get approved?