NBA 2K7 (G) PS3, rrp. $119.95

The lowdown: Soar to the rim like Kobe in the best basketball sim on the market.

Shelf-life: Yo, homey, ready to kick it to the kerb so you can see how this B-boy owns the lane? OK, so my trash-talking is nearly as embarrassing as my real-life attempts to play basketball. Who cares? I have NBA 2K7.

All the elements are here -- superb presentation that mimics a TV broadcast, players who look, move and perform like their real-life counterparts, a variety of modes and a challenging, yet fair, learning curve.

darkside6185d ago

did you smoke CRACK today?! this is not news!

Mr VideoGames6185d ago

still doesn't stop me from posting this Video though...FLAME BROILED PS3 ANYONE?

Leathersoup6185d ago

If only they'd shown that they didn't have an empty box.

gamehead6185d ago

arent you ashamed? if i was a 360 fanboy i would definetly be ashamed. A bunch of clowns with nothing to do thats even remotely entertaining. I mean they should have jst gone with a song it would have been better. The fact that this gives you joy is truly frightening. you fanboy need to get a life

gamehead6185d ago

how did this get approved?


The 15 Greatest Point Guards in "NBA 2K" History

The NBA 2K series has long-established itself as the premiere option when it comes to basketball simulations. With intuitive and innovative control systems, breathtakingly realistic visuals, and endlessly addictive gameplay, the franchise has blown past the competition in its quest to dominate the world of NBA gaming.


Achievement Hunter: The Ten Easiest Achievements Ever

If you're an Xbox Live subscriber, then you're no doubt familiar with the GamerScore that's associated with your GamerTag. It's a way to notify players that you're quite good at a game, as you unlock points for completing certain tasks within it. But let's be honest, some games are beasts when it comes to earning points, and you'd rather let your score do the talking over your actual skills.

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R3D_STAR4241d ago

I remember when the Simpsons game released, the Start Achievement was funny. Now, looking back, it seems lazy. Hah.

BLAKHOODe4241d ago

I clicked on this article for the sole purpose of making sure The Simpson's "press start" achievement was included. If it weren't, the article would have no merit whatsoever.


Top 25 Most Dominant Teams in Sports Gaming History (Part I)

Operation Sports features the top 25 most dominant teams in sports gaming history. While these teams didn't win it all in real life, they were unstoppable on the consoles.

Excerpt: "#22 Detroit Lions (Tecmo Super Bowl)

Before Detroit was the 0-16 laughing stock of the NFL, the virtual Lions were surprisingly good in the early '90s.

The Tecmo Super Bowl Lions were led by Mel Gray and Barry Sanders. These two players alone could carry your offense and decimate almost every defense in the game. For some reason, Barry could not be tackled, and to make matters worse, Mel would run pretty much every kickoff/punt back for a touchdown.

These two players alone make the Tecmo Super Bowl Lions worthy of a list that is not associated with losing."

The 16th through 25th most dominant teams grace this edition.

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