Crysis 3 Teaser Trailer Impressions

T-Hill writes: I was late to the game because I jumped on Crysis once part 2 hit the consoles and that was only due in part to my boy Payback telling me how amazing it was. After sinking my teething into the series I feel in love. With part 3 on its way I know a lot are speculating what’s going on in the Sci-Fi alien infested world of Crysis so here are a few things I noticed about the teaser trailer.

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raytraceme2795d ago

Me too!!! I love the Crysis series and can't wait for this! I heard that this game has a sandbox style gameplay like my favorite, crysis 1 had, and I am so pumped up for this.

starchild2795d ago

For me the Crysis series just hits that perfect synergy of gameplay mechanics that makes me want to keep playing. There are so many ways to tackle obstacles. I think some people like a more straight forward experience and therefor Crysis doesn't really resonate with those people.

Personally I love all three games and I can't wait for Crysis 3.

mastershredder2795d ago

I agree. I bust out Crysis 1 or Warhead every once in a while (as well as C2). I never play the game the sameway twice, becasue of all the options the series give you. The possibilities are what bring me back.

TheSuperior 2795d ago

I have never played any of the crysis games but after seeing everything about crysis 3 i might consider playing it :)

Emilio_Estevez2795d ago

Go pick either of them up on the cheap, you'll dig it.

Dante1122795d ago

I'm interested. Hope they release some gameplay footage soon.

kevinsheeks2795d ago

I hate how they just got rid of the original protagonist and barley mentioned his where abouts

mastershredder2795d ago

Why did that remind me of the old Turok opening?