Nokia Lumia 710 Gamer's Review (PlanetXbox360)

For the past two weeks, one of our writers has had the pleasure of toying around with the Nokia Lumia 710 Windows Phone. This sleek new smart phone brings everything into the palm of your hand. Whether it is Bing, Xbox Live, Netflix, Spotify, or God forbid, a phone call, the Lumia 710 has you covered. In 2012, everybody and their grandma has a smart phone (although the grandma thinks it’s evil), and this model is a collection of all the reasons to own one. It makes life easier to navigate thanks to an interface that is crisp and smooth. Given that this is, a good amount of this review is going to be focusing on the Xbox Live application and implementation.

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LaurenKB1232785d ago

Glad to see some site that focuses on the gaming in WP7; in my opinion it's best attribute...

UltimaEnder2784d ago

Waiting on the Lumia 900 but for a tmobile phone this didn't look half bad, well written!

OmegaSaiyanX2784d ago

I just ordered a Nokia Lumi 800 in white, after comparing the specs the only difference the 900 has is that its bigger, has a camera on the front in the UK we dont get the 4G implentation on either phone as we dont have 4G yet :-( however heard we may get this next year my source being Orange.

I will stick to the 800 has I think a phone with a 4.3inch screen is far too big and bulky.

catfrog2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

how much has microsoft lost in the mobile market now? theyve spent 1bn on advertising operating systems just between their last two attempts at entry into the market. i wonder what R&D costs have been and how much revenue theyve produced in the last ten years from mobile

this is a key market for microsoft to grab and they know it, its the one thing that could bring down their windows/home pc empire. when phones get powerful enough that you connect them directly to a large monitor and kb/m into instead of a tower microsoft is going to have a very large problem unless they secure a large part of this market.

nvidia has already said that they expect to have greater than x360 levels of performance in your phones within two years, so its not going very far to say phones will become much more prevalent in the coming years, replacing their larger counterparts.