Character Theme: The Glorious Aran Race (Part Two)

As I make a dark and ugly descent toward the underbelly of this ungainly text colossus it behooves me to explain just what point I’m trying to make. Let it be said now, I love Nintendo and their glorious rainbow cavalcade of characters. So henceforth any perceived bias you detect is no doubt a result of subtle self-provocation stemming from my unwavering lust for Super Metroid borne at the peak of my formative years. And as I’ve grown more ancient and sagacious I’ve found that Samus herself is a character that becomes increasingly more complex and genuinely endearing with each venture she undertakes. She often makes tragic mistakes despite her best intentions, she continually has to overcome her own horrific circumstances to gain any measure of success, and her misgivings for authority makes her universally relatable despite the patently bizarre universe she populates. I would also argue that she is a character that has yet to be fully explored.

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