Bargain Raiders: Sneak King – The Worlds Creepiest Video Game

What can you buy for 4$? Perhaps a nice pair of socks, or what about a good cup of coffee and a cake? Alternatively, back in 2006, you could have walked into your local Burger King and picked yourself up a brand new copy of Sneak King, the worlds creepiest video game.

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KingOfArcadia2785d ago

I just scooped this up on eBay last week for $5. It's quirky, it's creepy, it's funny, and other than the reversed control scheme (man I wish you could change that, but you can't) I'd say it was worth what I paid for it. You get 80 challenges across 5 levels, each ranked from A-C, so there's some replay value in it other than watching the King prance around.