Never Forget: The Burger King Games

Hardcore Gamer: The only thing that makes us happy about this whole dark period of gaming history is that this didn’t start a trend. There was no Subway game where you had to run Jared around and stop him from getting fat again and McDonald’s never made a game where you tried to give an entire kindergarten classroom diabetes. Burger King stood alone in this madness, because surely nothing would help food sales better than a handful of crappy video games featuring a character everyone hated.

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RyanDJ2962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

I liked these games. Call me a masochist.

They do hold the distinction of being the only 360/Xbox dual compatible games. They run on OG and boot as regular 360 titles without the emulation update.

Jackhass2962d ago

I'm ashamed to admit I own a couple of these. Not that they're the world's worst games -- I'm mostly ashamed to admit I used to eat Burger King fairly regularly.

coolbeans2962d ago

Is it bad that I still want to try out Sneak King? :/

Fatty2962d ago

I had 4 bucks worth of fun with it, but then again I'm a fat guy with a juvenile sense of humor.

coolbeans2962d ago

"...but then again I'm a fat guy with a juvenile sense of humor."

Good point. I'm not sure if that humor will carry over to a bean with a cool sense of humor. Worth a try though! ^^

SpiralTear2962d ago

When I was in college, our video games club officers had this disturbing fascination with Big Bumpin'. One meeting, we were going to have a Skyrim demonstration, but the officers wanted to play Big Bumpin' in front of us all instead.

True story.

josephayal2962d ago

one of the best xbox 360 exclusives

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