Original Mass Effect 3 Ending Was OK

GoozerNation: "Amid the outcry of furious gamers I’ve found myself as part of the minority. I thought the original ending to Mass Effect 3 was okay. Whoa, whoa, whoa – blow out your torches and put down the pitchforks, there’s no need for a burning at the stake today. I’ll make concessions but I don’t think BioWare has anything to answer for."

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Anon19742964d ago

"Amid the outcry of furious gamers I’ve found myself as part of the minority. I thought the original ending to Mass Effect 3 was okay."

Actually, you're probably part of the majority. I know I haven't spoken to a single Mass Effect fan in person who had any issue with the ending whatsoever.

The problem is satisfied fans never speak up. It's always pissed off people who make the most noise. Mass Effect 3 nearly doubled it's first week sales on the 360 compared to Mass Effect 2 and has received no end of high, critical praise. In all actuality, it's more likely the pissed off fans that are in the minority. It's just too bad they feel their options of the game should be forced on everyone.

vortis2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

"It's just too bad they feel their options of the game should be forced on everyone."

I'd ask what this means but you only have one bubble. The probem isn't "forcing anything" on anyone but providing clarity to the individual choices.

If you're okay with how your Mass Effect universe turned out over the course of three games then that's fine. But someone who made completely different decisions than you shouldn't really have come to the same conclusion at the very end.
That's the point.

Like when people played Heavy Rain you didn't hear people griping over anything because the game changed and molded to the experience of the player. There were a lot of options and whatnot and it all ended up the way it should have based on the choices.

If the previous two Mass Effect games hadn't given you so much choice then I guess it wouldn't matter, but knowing that a lot of those decisions have a moot effect on the entire outcome is kind of a slap in the face isn't it?

I mean, if this were Halo or Gears of War it wouldn't matter, but those games never infused you with the ability to choose various outcomes of the universe over the course of three games.

grifter0242963d ago

The problem is that you are probably talking to a guy that has only played 1 or 2 and didn't care for the actual lore nor saw how big the decisions in the game actually affected the story.

It is pointless to argue this point anymore since Bioware IS adding to the ending that people are "Ok," With. The vast majority have spoken, and shown pictures of Biowares shoddy and lazy attempts at Mass Effect 3 and I am glad they are doing something about that horrible ending.

TekoIie2963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )


We all dislike the ending but your kinding yourself if you think those who wanted the ending changed are the VAST majority...

grifter0242963d ago

Pekolie- Oh yeah you're right the game changed to bring in more casual players with the addition of this idiotic multiplayer tacked on in a "Rpg," Game.

Theeeen again the "Minority," You call it actually made such a big ruckus that they actually shuffled around their DLC schedule to appease the fans and stop them from airing out how lazy Bioware was with the game.

TekoIie2963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )

When i played through ME3 and finished it thought "wow thats a pretty cool ending for my Shep" but once you see that its pretty much the ONLY ending (sort of) you feel as though the finale to your story isnt unique. Me and all my mates had different endings to ME2 (who lives who dies in the suicide mission) and i was really hoping ME3 would top ME2's ending.

But still the journey to the end was awesome and it defo deserves the reviews when we look at it as a standalone game.

kent800820072964d ago

Original Mass Effect 3 Ending Was OK, I agree, but Mass Effect is more than a "just OK" game

Megaton2964d ago

Yeah, I thought it was fine at first, too. Then I started thinking.

Can someone please remove this dead horse from the road? People are trying to get to work.

Godmars2902963d ago

What else is there better to talk about right now? Weather or not FFvsXIII will go multi or next gen if not both? If it'll be done at all?

Megaton2963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )

For me, I'm just excited that Humble Bundle 7 is out and with it comes the debut of Botanicula, Amanita Design's new game.

I've said all that you can really say about ME3's terrible ending. Be it here, the forums, BioWare Social, on their FaceBook page, etc. They ruined the series, life goes on. Better games from more talented developers are on the horizon.

Mythicninja2963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )

"better games from more talented developers are on the horizon"

Well said, sir. The ending was terrible, and I'm leaving both mass effect and any future bioware titles in the dust. Can't wait to see how wasteland 2 turns out, and what other new projects come out. The new one from bethesda looks interesting too

OcelotRigz2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

Well, when i got the game i couldn't come on here or go near pretty much any gaming site because of all the articles regarding this ending, i didn't want to spoil it.
When i actually did finish it i was like "Thats It!! Thats what all the hysteria is over!?".
I didnt think it was great but i didnt think it was bad either, i hate conventional endings, where everything conveniently comes together, the conflict is solved, the good guys win etc... because that rarely happens in real life.
It was the same with "No Country For Old Men", my friends hated it and said it ended stupid, whereas i was the complete opposite. That's why i love the Coens or HBO shows or basically anything that ends their films/shows realistically.

EDIT: Although, i agree with vortis above, kinda annoying that all these important decisions didn't really matter, but most of the games rpg elements, when it came to choice and consequences, were always a bit of an illusion anyway.

Redempteur2964d ago

NO it wasn't ..

It doesn't make any sense , and contractic every major theme you've been faced in the 3 games prior ...

it might be ok if you don't care about the story but if you pay attention , you'd realise that every argument presented to shepard before the choices is no good.

ANd forcing the player to make bad choices isn't a problem .. it's that these choices are at the opposite of every choices you've made thus far

Mythicninja2963d ago

This is pretty much what I was gonna say. You also have the fact that shepard never challenges ghost kid on any of his radical claims....not at all. It's almost as if it was supposed to be a joke. So many things were messed up

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