Alienware M18X R2 Specs Leaked – Revolutionizing Notebook Gaming

For the longest time I was of the belief that gaming on a laptop would never come close to paralleling the experience had on a traditional desktop

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pandehz2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

I already played games at mostly maxed settings on my Alienware m15x for the past yr and half.

My setup:


i7 740qm pretty decent with most games
8gb ram 1333mhz
Ati 5850m initially, switched to gtx 460m 1.5gb vram
500gb hd switching to 250gb ssd soon

Can play almost every game maxed out at 720p and looks stunning as the screen is 15inch so not much stretching and stuff looks good in it. Can play many games on 1080p again maxed out but some like bf3 wont hit the 60fps mark maybe around 38-40 or so which is playable but I do have a thing for 60fps so I keep it at 720p and still have a blast with it looking good n all.

Ive always used desktops and will say it loudly and clearly that desktops will beat laptops anyday but I am glad I got this as I have been able to move it around with ease and do on-location edit/graphics work. Client side work etc

Also great to show off n stuff :D

Well in the end its not just alienware tho I love mine, there are may other brands coming up with same hardware. But interestingly Alienware parts end up having higher Windows experience index scores, really dunno why tho.

I switched out parts of my laptops to test out stuff, ram , off the shelf ati graphics cards etc and the scores dropped from 7.6 to 7.2 for same latency and size rams (crucial, corsair etc) same thing happened with the gpu which dropped from 7.4 to 6.9 O.o

I checked the details of the Alienware/dell parts and they are of some unknown brands made in some secret location in taiwan and korea, weird but powerful shit.

Anyways just like the author mentioned , laptop gaming has come a looong way, good for us on the go ppl. Rest I advise just sit back at home with a powerful desktop setup and big screens and kick some reaper ass.

Xristo2789d ago

I know some people just love Alienware but my preference is Sager:

I still have a Sager 5720 that works flawlessly (a whopping GeForce Go 7800 GTX in it)....bought it in late 2005 :)

Since then I have went back to desktops, but like pandehz said above me, laptop gaming has come a LONG way.