Alienware Turns Heads at Computex and E3 with Legendary New Design

With the new design Dell and Alienware make a stunning new laptop concept that is as powerful as it is stunning.

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SheenuTheLegend1353d ago

"I hope more companies follow in their footsteps". What? you mean overpricing their products?
the base model costs 1500$ for gods sake with i5 9300k and GTX 1650.
Alienware is just Apple these days. wait till they launch the "Stand"

KillZallthebeast1352d ago

I can't recall the last time alienware was even remotely relevant.

Sono4211352d ago

God this site is just riding their d*ck.
Judging by the title I expected some revolutionary design where you control the computer by syncing it with your brain and the only display is what you see with some glasses on, but nope.... it just looks like another laptop.
Oh but the fans/vent slots look like hexagons OH SO REVOLUTIONARY /s.

MadLad1352d ago

While very much not a fan of Apple, they do have that cool niche vibe to them.
Alienware are known as PCs for knobs who overspend on tech they don't understand.

1352d ago
Vegamyster1352d ago

I wouldn't go that far, Alienware always does numerous sales throughout the year that drops the prices to there competitors MSI/Asus, they're not a brand you should buy day 1 ect.

SheenuTheLegend1352d ago (Edited 1352d ago )

so you want regular fair prices on sales instead of discounts from fair prices? great.

Vegamyster1352d ago


That's not what i said, all sales are different from these companies so it depends.

Internal specs are one thing, build quality is another. Whether people like it or not they do use higher grade materials on there laptops (magnesium chassis compared to plastic/aluminum ect), that does factor into the added cost.

Espangerish1352d ago

Alienware is too focussed on premium price style rather than performance.

Vegamyster1352d ago

There laptops have been there strength, the desktops aren't worth looking at. The previous 15/17 R1 - 5 series were quite good, built like tanks and had great cooling at a reasonable price. The R1 M15/M17 series models last year were pretty crappy though, they rushed them out to compete with the thinner completion. These new ones don't have reviews yet but if Alienware's videos on there Youtube are accurate, the cooling on these thinner ones is quite a bit better than the competition but who knows until the tech guys get there hands on them.

tombfan1352d ago

Meh.... their designs are OK at best and they overprice stuff just because common people sees them as the "Top of the line" for gaming laptops and PC's (When there's a lot of competition that does what they do but sometimes 50% cheaper)

Father__Merrin1352d ago

Alienware pcs are stunning and exclusive designs they are also well made. sure you can make a cheaper alternative with a £20 Cit case but many ppl buy these. i personally wouldnt buy one id rather build myself but pre builds are quite popular these days

RizBiz1352d ago

They aren't well made at all.

RizBiz1352d ago (Edited 1352d ago )

Alienware is overpriced shyte. They try to sell their brand, but their brand is complete trash.

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