PS3's top 5 biggest letdowns counts down the top five biggest letdowns on PS3.

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Daver2786d ago

shut up with Lair already, it was a very enjoyable game, much more than a lot of games that has been released lately.

TekoIie2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

fanboy much??? I like lair too but no need to get snappy over someone saying it was a let down brah...

Daver2786d ago

fanboy? I love the game, thats it. I still have the game and it is still one of my favorite. Most people who say it was bad its because either they never played the game and say so because some reviews bash it or they didnt play enough to handle the controls correctly. Sure it has some problems but never enough that could make the game bad...

Kurylo3d2786d ago

wow... a playstation site that is saying something negative about playstation... say it aint so!!

r212786d ago

it aint so, do i get a cookie?

MrDead2786d ago

If they're the PS3's top 5 biggest letdowns then that’s quite good.

Edward752786d ago

The biggest of all HAS to be no party chat. Even when I am playing a great game on the PS3 (heavy rain, and the uncharted games specifically come to mind) I would ALWAYS have my 360 on to be able to talk to my friends. I know it didn't help with the electric bill, but it was worth it. I think many people would have purchased more games, exclusive or third party, if party chat was available on the PS3.

Fylus2786d ago

That's why they invented mobile phones.

TekoIie2786d ago

So ps3 players DONT want cross game chat??? I shall await the article saying that the PS4 has this feature and laugh.

Honestly you don't know how convenient it is until you have it.

kreate2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

Once ps3 or a ps4 have a voice cross game chat. Nobody will care anymore.

Just like how netflix was a big deal on the xbox until it came to the ps3.

Most people like text chat. I text much more than using my voice.

Playing a game with voice in a co-op game for communication purposes is fine and dandy, but crossing it between games is really not needed except for some people.

Edit: ps3 has party chat of up to 16 ppl. U can video chat, text chat, voice chat. U just cant cross it between games.

Edward752786d ago

Wow, I'm sorry, but cross chat is a big thing. Huge for many including myself in the Sony forums. Soooooo many questioned for so long things when an update was coming "when will we get cross game/party chat while playing?" or all we want is cross game chat.". Once it comes to Sony, which they ADMITED was a thing that many gamers wanted, all those who don't have both systems, or don't use it because most titles they play on ps3, or don't pay for live, will love and use it. Chances are we'll never see it on ps3 because of certain issues, but I STILL wish it would. Playing many games on the ps3 would be so much better. WKC, all RPGs (great to talk to friends while grinding, and DCU especially. MMOs and multiplayer games that allow anything to be done outside of a "group" where you can chat will thrive with it. I can't see how so many would not want this option....

kreate2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )


yea. u can cross game chat on the ps3 through text. most people text dude.

sure its the most wanted feature on the ps3 forums but again, if ps3 ever gets that feature, no one would talk about anymore.

u can cross game voice chat on the pc but u dont see them brag about it like the xbox fanboys and pc gamers get it for free.

imagine that! a feature pc players get for free and yet, xbox fanboys think its the best feature on the planet and they are proud to pay for it.

when u grind on DCU or WKC, u can talk to the people ur playing with or the party u are in. and DCU is cross platform between ps3 and pc so u can talk to pc players at the same time.

at the end of the day, its a good feature and good to have, but not to a point u want to go crazy over.

i just want the ps3 to have cross voice game chat just so it would please the xbox live players cuz they're the ones who complains the most about a feature on a system they plan not to get. of course this is in general.

i have xbox live gold with a headset and im in a party. sure the feature is used but man.. i just rather text while everyone else talks.

the great xbox live doesnt even give me the option to text chat. what's up with that?

Edward752786d ago

Once you get a group of friends that you play games with regularly, it is so nice to be able to have discussions about things without having to stop and type responses. I just find it very difficult to believe that so many gamers who don't have that option are so against it, or quick to debate about how insignificant it is. Yes, PC gamers have had the option for a longtime, it's a good one to have.

I'm 100% positive that the next Sony system will have that option. It really makes sense. This is no way takes away from the quality of games I've enjoyed on my PS3, but I look at it like this, for a system that in many ways outshines the 360 this option should have been included.

Another thing that I would bet on is that the next gen Sony will have a closer online structure to LIVE. With a strong possibility for a paid service closely resembling live, and less like the paid system they have now for the PS3. (if you choose). I know for myself, and many , MANY of my friends that own both consoles we chose to get many multiplatformed titles for the 360 over the PS3 so we could chat together while playing. This does include single player games . I know that my preferences aren't the same as everyone, but I also know I am not alone in this thinking. Just by a count off the top of my head maybe 15-20 titles got picked up for the 360 instead of the PS3, and that is just me. BUT going along with the article it was just a big disappointment, not a deal breaker, and by no means does it take away for the things I enjoy from my PS3.

Oh, and Kreate in DCU and WKC you also do things solo. That is when it's nice to talk to your friends.

kreate2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

" I just find it very difficult to believe that so many gamers who don't have that option are so against it, or quick to debate about how insignificant it is"

it is significant. it is not for me but it is for many gamers which u mentioned in the ps3 forum as the #1 wanted feature, that is why i want it on the ps3 so that other gamers are satisfied. i personally dont care for it that much cuz i tried using it on the 360.

"Oh, and Kreate in DCU and WKC you also do things solo. That is when it's nice to talk to your friends. "

ps3 has cross text game chat so u can read other people's comments and u can text back while playing ur game. the setup might not be to ur liking but the option is there.

u playing solo is ur choice. u can talk to whoever u want. i understand its very important for u and since sony fails to give u a feature u are asking for, sony has but themselves to blame.

u should keep playing on the 360.

when consoles didnt have this feature and pc did, nobody complained. but since the 360 has it and not the ps3, than suddenly it becomes so important.

when ps3 didnt have netflix, xbox gamers were all about netflix. now that ps3 has netflix and out-numbered the xbox netflix users in numbers, than the arguement turned against the ps3 saying ps3 gamers are about movies and xbox gamers play games and not movies.

that's why i think cross voice game chat is important, becuz ps3 doesnt have it. once it does have it, no one would care and the majority of the xbox gamers would continue to play on the xbox and would not switch to ps3. and that's why the cross voice game chat doesnt matter.

that is why it is a good feature but nothing to go crazy over. it is both significant, but also insigificant depending on how u look at it.

but in general, even though cross game voice chat is nice, i think people rather not pay for playing online ..... er..... maybe they do wanna pay, even if its just for that one feature.

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DEATHSTROKE-cro-2786d ago

I DON'T need a party chat.
Why would my friends play some other game if we can play battlefield, warhawk or killzone together ?!
If I play battlefield and my friend plays Demon Souls, do you really think my friend would wanna talk to me while he's playing game like that.
I wanna talk to my friends only if they are playing the same game as I do so we can play like a team and help each other and have fun.

Gamer30002786d ago

what makes you think that ps3 owners want party chat ???

llMurcielagoll2786d ago

OMG years have passed and ppl STILL "Female dogging" about Lair being a let down for Sony XD

I don't think Lair sucks, it is highly underrated (That is my opinion and don't care if you disagree). I enjoyed it, did piss me off because of their tight timers on missions and everything HAS to be perfect.

But be that as it may, best SixAxis game I ever played was Lair!

So bottom line, my dear Article writer who is obviously a Sony hater... "Female dog" please!

ChrisW2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

"So bottom line, my dear Article writer who is obviously a Sony hater... "

The article is via

TekoIie2786d ago

Nice troll brah, VERY nice troll.... You know you failed :3

llMurcielagoll2786d ago


I didn't intend a troll, its just because I was hasty with everything.

I'll be more careful when commenting again.

_Aarix_2786d ago

You seemed careful to replace "bitch" with "female dog"

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