Exploitable PSP Games Return to the Vita

I don't think I've ever seen a system more scarred by the battle between hardware manufacturers and piracy than the PlayStation Vita. Nearly every facet of the system; from its connectivity software, which downloads and installs updates without asking the user, to the frequent and often mandatory firmware updates, to its absurdly overpriced memory cards, has been tailored to thwart potential hackers. Recently, the perpetual slap-fight spilled onto PSN, when hackers revealed that two downloadable PSP games, MotorStorm: Arctic Edge and Everybody's Tennis, could be used to run unsigned code on the Vita. In particular; a program loader called VHBL, which lets users run homebrew titles and emulators.

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Snookies122793d ago

What the hell is wrong with letting people run Homebrew? As long as they're not pirating any recent games (recent being PSP or later).

I think Homebrew is a great thing personally. Sony did go overboard in trying to prevent piracy, but then again they did have a reason based on just how much the PSP was used in that respect.

MasFlowKiller2793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

No, It shouldn't be done this way, I think sony knows Homebrew is going to be important to the Vita's success thats why they made PlayStation Suite's
The only reason to go this route would be if your end goal is to find a way to pirate.

You cant hate on sony for trying to stay save and trying to prevent the pirating scene from coming to the vita as fast as it would keep exploits like this un-fixed.

(PlayStation Suite's 'open beta' SDK available to download now)

Snookies122793d ago

That was my whole comment though... I said they DO have a reason to try and prevent pirating, and I understand that. Homebrew itself is NOT pirating.

MasFlowKiller2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

But if you have access to PlayStation Suite', why do you need to look for exploits on PSP games?

Sony is not asking you to stop Homebrewing, if anything is encouraging it with PlayStation Suite.

I dont see anything wrong with sony removing Exploitable PSP Games

Snookies122792d ago

Oh no, I'm not saying Playstation Suite is a bad thing at all. I really think it's a great step forward! Not arguing that at all. XD

joeorc2792d ago

that's the thing though, the Playstation Suite is Official supported HomeBrew!, the first thing Wololo complained about was emulator's would not be accepted.1) he has no idea yet if they will be or not yet he's just guessing at this point. B) even if they are not accepted, the fact that if they want homebrew they can make it, the point is embedded systems are closed for a reason.

Even though you own the hardware, the software is not owned unless you make it yourself. making a emulator in of itself is not against the law, but running games without the ok from the owner is not example he showed Doom running on HBL..the question is not that he cannot get it to run, but the question is does he own the copy of the game that he paid for an which platform did he buy it for.

Emulator's are made to emulate another platform right? well here is the thing unless the people who run those games have the physical copy in say this example Doom for the PC. that does not give you the right to rip the contents of the disc an thus put it on any platform you choose to run it on without the ok of the people that made the game. you have the right to play that game on the platform it was made for that's the extent of your Licence.

Many gamer's i think miss that the point of Software is its a licence not an ownership of said software.


A free open source license makes software free for inspection of its code, modification, and distribution.

where as

Proprietary software licence

The hallmark of proprietary software licenses is that the software publisher grants the use of one or more copies of software under the end-user license agreement.(EULA)
but ownership of those copies remains with the software publisher (hence use of the term "proprietary"
This feature of proprietary software licenses means that certain rights regarding the software are reserved by the software publisher. Therefore, it is typical of EULAs to include terms which define the uses of the software, such as the number of installations allowed or the terms of distribution.

The most significant effect of this form of licensing is that, if ownership of the software remains with the software publisher, then the end-user must accept the software license. In other words, without acceptance of the license, the end-user may not use the software at all. One example of such a proprietary software license is the license for Microsoft Windows. As is usually the case with proprietary software licenses, this license contains an extensive list of activities which are restricted, such as: reverse engineering, simultaneous use of the software by multiple users, and publication of benchmarks or performance tests.


Game software or the Software that runs on the Game console. you as a consumer owns the hardware but not the software on said device. Thus if you wanted to tinker with the hardware you can just not the software powering it. if you tinker with the software on the system that is breaking the EULA. if people still do not think EULA's are not enforceable in court. This is an has been for many years. you cannot have CFW without tinkering with the Software of the device. which the EULA said not too.

there's right to use an right's of ownership. they are in many cases not the same thing when it comes to software.

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Sorrow242792d ago

A lot of the hackers on PSP said, here I made this loader but "Don't use it for pirating...even though its a perfect tool for pirating" in order to make themselves look good and say it was for the "homebrew community".

I bet you Sony will let devs do their homebrew stuff down the road and yet there will always be those whining that they can't do whatever they want and can't hack it so that Sony's software can be pirated.

That's my problem with the homebrew community, a lot of people just use it as an excuse to hack and pirate.

catfrog2792d ago

go and do homebrew, no one cares, sony released something for you to do homebrew, but dont go and create a loader or anything, dont try and break the security of the system, you dont need to, go use the app. the only reason for someone to want to make their own is for piracy.

majiebeast2792d ago

We did itz for the homebrewz=piracy. Got Ps suite now no reason to continue trying to hack vita for homebrew now its just piracy reasons.

LightofDarkness2792d ago

Yep, PS Suite negates any reason to do any of this OTHER than piracy. No more hiding behind excuses now.

MoonConquistador2792d ago

I also think there is an element of Sony wanting it all there own way. The question still has to be asked, why do people feel the need to pirate games in the first place, and why did the rental market expand so rapidly?

Games in themselves are not worth £40 - £50, though that is subjective and could easily be argued that some games do actually give you value for money at that level, but those games are a small minority.

Yes piracy does affect sales, but not half as much as the inflated prices we are expected to pay in the first place

As Sony clamp down on piracy, and analysis show that more money is generated by PS3 sales than X-Box and Wii for most multiplatform games, Sony should at that time reduce the price of their games against the competition. This would in turn create a snowball effect where more people would then buy the game at a lower cost, and cheaper games on Sony devices would become a stronger selling point too.

Part of the reason X-Box, Wii and even the PS1, PS2 and PSP have such huge LTD sales figures is because of the ability to pirate games and lower the cost of the hobby you enjoy.

Did they ever think of kids getting into games now without huge amounts of disposable income, or even the harder economic climate affecting us all (and why cheap mobile game is expanding so quick, could that be in part due to the lower prices)

Its very shortsighted management policies that, when profits dip, the only way to get them back is to increase prices

suicidalblues2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

"Did they ever think of kids getting into games now without huge amounts of disposable income?"

Unfortulately I had to rewrite this as I had a load page error.

But back on topic... This is why we get the label of "entitled a**holes". Your comment makes it sound like it's the companies fault that you can't afford all the games you want, and therefore you HAVE to pirate them. Shame on them for wanting to make a profit for the hard work they've done, and so they can continue to make games in the future. And shame on you for sounding like an entitled d-bag.

Edit: One other thing. You wouldn't be able to have this "hobby you enjoy" if everybody shared your views on piracy and lowered their cost by stealing.

PJF_Josh2792d ago

Hackers will continue to look for exploits. Now they'll say, "But the PlayStation Suite doesn't allow me to do 'X' and I should be allowed to do that".

It's never gonna stop, and if they find a way to crack the system wide open like the PSP developers and publishers will abandon the Vita within months.

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