PS Vita needs to expand games not repeat them

The future of the PS Vita looks bright yet some may be skeptical about it and feel that it could end up on the gaming scrapheap like the original PSP device, and even though we are very impressed with the Vita handheld we are also concerned about past mistakes coming back to haunt this great gaming console.

To assist future sales Sony needs to focus more on expanding games for the Vita and not repeating them, and an insightful article on how the original PSP ran out of steam by EGAMER talks about Sony’s approach to gaming, as the PSP device dieing out was contributed to by the way developers made games for it. With more concentration aimed at the PlayStation 3, the PSP seemed to loose its originality and creativity as more emphasis was made on creating watered down or light versions of big games.

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MariaHelFutura2793d ago

I see no reason why it can't do both.

360GamerFG2793d ago

it can, but it only NEEDS to expand them.

GribbleGrunger2792d ago

'The future of the PS Vita looks bright yet some may be skeptical about it and feel that it could end up on the gaming scrapheap like the original PSP device'

i stopped reading there. the PSP sold fantastically well and still does.

ABizzel12792d ago

I think it does, every game that has been released on Vita has had more features, more characters, and exclusive Vita features.

Fighting games have been much better on the Vita than either of the consoles.

Akuma-2793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

Correct "Mariah el Futurura

Anyway, the vita has uncharted GA, resistance BS, gravity rush, along with a lot of games made uniquely for the system and others on the way.
Is like all multiplatform titles to be on vita because is buy more titles that way since the system is portable

Patriots_Pride2793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

Notice how all those games u mentioned are geared at the American Market.

This is were Sony is going wrong - I understand the urgent need to take reclaim the American market but they need to heavily focus on the Asia and the European market before its too late and Nintedo release the 3DS XL i HD.

@Jabber - I did not say The Vita is doom. I Marley stating that Sony could have had better world wide launch games.

Remember that the 3DS is cheaper and has a flagship title called Marios which is enjoyed by everyone all over the world and every age - plus Monster Hunter and Pokemon.

Releasing the Vita with few non world wide appealing launch games could come back a bite Sony.

Wolfbiker2793d ago


Gravity Daze is not exactly targeted for the American market.

but anyways Persona 4 The Golden as well as FF Type-0 and Phantasy Star Online 2 will all be great.

The Vita has been out for a mere 3 months and people are already doom and gloom when I can't remember a console/handheld that had so many quality titles this early in its life

its a lose/lose situation for the Vita apparently. It WILL prove them wrong too.

supremacy2793d ago

Sigh, everytime I read an article like this I think about how similar Nintendo's approach has been and yet how succesful they are.

Zelda ocarina of time was and is a console game slightly remade for the 3DS.

Street fighter 4 a port, metal gear solid 3D "more or less" a port. For that theres ultimate marvel vs capcom3 on the vita, same difference.

maniacmayhem2793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

I was thinking the same thing. 3ds did the same when it first launched but they also got scrutinized for it.

It seems this is a tactic just to boost games available for the system at launch. Port, add a few more bells and whistles then launch.

In time there will be a lot of new games for each system. Gamers just have to be patient.

Myst2793d ago

I feel like I just typed this but may as well again what people also don't understand is that it has not been that long since Vita's launch. They seem to think games can be churned out as fast as they were coming out before not taking into account production, PR, and all that other jazz. I see no problem with ports at time they can be useful and it's not like we are getting bombarded with them :/

one2thr2793d ago

What a bunch of bull, if WarHawk (The Ps3 version) came out on to the Vita, I bet a ton of people would pick it up just for the fact that they can play a multi-vehicular multiplayer game of up to 32 players "on the go"... One of the Vita's motto is "Never stop playing" or something like that, and if its for digital download then it'll practically cost Sony nothing just to have it up for sale... As of today I can still get into a 32 player game without any problems... But back on topic, its ok for the 3DS to wash rinse repeat, but not the Vita?... Ok, I see favoritism is a plenty now a day(s)

Kalowest2793d ago

Yep you called it right WarHawk, not StarHawk.

Myst2793d ago

When you said Warhawk I was/still am on board. Man I still remember that as being my first game for PS3 and playing on it for several days. I would definitely get Warhawk if they brought it on the Vita. -- Also yeah people are pretty much faulting Vita (not taking into account how long it's been out either...) about the amount of games.

I will admit I was skeptical at first but going back to play a backlog of PSP games and such has changed me along with the various apps. I guess people always have something to complain about and in the way of the vita at this point is the games. I mean yes one should and could always look forward to PSV games but why don't they also step back and play some PSP games as well I mean they have dual analog support now the thing which people cried about back when people wanted it for the PSP.

MrWonderful2793d ago

I would gladly take a port of Xenoblade chronicles on the vita. I love that game.

KillerPwned2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

Monster Hunter on Vita and Final Fantasy will storm the Japanese market. As for Europe good soccer games and bring GT to the vita. I also see EU is almost in tune with the same games NA gets so I think its a win win for both of those countries. I would advise Monster Hunter and a good Final Fantasy release ASAP for Vita.

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