Paint Park PS Vita Drawing App

A new PS Vita app has been added on the PlayStation Network library yesterday called Paint Park. Finally, the PS Vita gets to be a more creative device for players.

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KosmoCrisis3284d ago

This app is a weak attempt to fill a mobile OS void on the Vita OS. Its obvious to me that the Vita OS is being tested on the Vita so Sony may get behind its push to become the OS for all future Sony smartphones. But releasing lackluster drawing apps and not focusing on the promises of others is going to hurt the brand.

On the topic of this app, it needs Infrastructure Wifi connectivity and a reticule pointed directly at Zynga's Draw Something. With that, it needs more features, a larger color palette, and more brushes and crayons, etc.

Then, seeing something like Paint Park on a new Sony phone would make more cents. Switcheroo intended.

MmaFan-Qc3284d ago

go get your money back!

...oh wait, ITS FREE.

Hicken3284d ago

... so... you're complaining about what now?

KosmoCrisis3278d ago

Bait for open discussion, not a complaint.

The topic of my comment is that the Vita OS will be used on Sony smartphones once they nail the apps and iron out any issues in the OS, using the Vita as the base device. While this is great for future Sony smartphones if they do finally decide to ditch Android as their exclusive OS, it is unfortunate for the Vita. It will take some time before Sony delivers actually useful apps rather than Nintendo Wii-style mini-apps that don't amount to full experiences.