BT Games Denies Leaks

BT Games has denied claims that they have leaked information on possible titles like Dead Space 3 and Need for Speed: Most Wanted 2.

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tigertron2796d ago

Someones in trouble with EA...<.< >.>

WitWolfy2796d ago

They did the same with "Metal Gear Solid Rising" back in 2010 claiming it would release in April 2010 but never did. I told them that the game hasnt even had a proper preview yet that time so how could they know the release date... Guess what the game still hasnt been released and still kept it on the shelves! Idiots.

Squall50052796d ago

These are EA games. You might as well already announce Dead Space 4 and 5 and Need for Speed Most Wanted 3 and a new Battlefield game.

It's hardly a big secret that these games will eventually get made.

TekoIie2796d ago

HAHAHA Oh my god this is fricking awesome. Only yesterday was i getting stealth disagrees for saying this site has no credibility. They even had God of war 4 of there and i got disagree's for saying that wasnt legit.

Now if you excuse me i have to go rub my correctness in someone's face :3