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GamingUnion: "Throughout the 16 and 32-bit eras, Capcom's Breath of Fire series was always solid, if not particularly ambitious. That all changed with Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter -- the fifth game in the series, although the numeral "V" was left out of the English release. This is because it's only barely related to any of the prior games."

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Crap_Turtle2427d ago

I never liked this one but others did......people need open minds

dmixwell2427d ago

this isn't a gem .this game was a piece of $hit. worst Breath of fire ever.#justsaying

Hicken2427d ago

I enjoyed it. III is still my favorite, but I didn't dislike DQ. Still, it didn't feel like it should have had the number V in the title.

Burning_Finger2427d ago

I think this one killed the entire series of BOF. BOF3 is my favorite BOF on the entire series.