Gamefan Magazine - Galaxy Force II Genesis vs. FM Towns vs. Saturn

GameFan Magazine: "It has existed since the don of gamingdom: the plight of the fanboy. People arguing their favorite console’s version of a game is the best version until they’re blue in the face — or in the case of Nintendo fans, Italian plumber red. Now the score can finally be settled, as GameFan brings you the exciting new series Game Verses, the only show that pits multiple versions of games against themselves to find out, once and for all, who’s the king of the port pile. In our first episode, we put the flame to the feet for Galaxy Force II, Sega’s arcade shooter from 1988. The Genesis; the FM Towns; and the Sega Saturn are all in the ring, but only one can emerge victorious."

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darthv722399d ago

probably my all time favorite deluxe arcade game. I enjoyed both the genesis and saturn version. I am really hoping Sega gets wise and releases an updated version for either xbla or psn like they did with outrun and afterburner.

I always thought geist force was a sequel to galaxy force but sadly it was canned before the dc released. Booooo SEGA.

Here is a good question. What happened to hang-on and thunder blade? Those were two other great arcade games that got 'decent' console ports but are sure in need of a resurrection. At lease space harrier got an arcade sequel (of sorts) in the form of planet harriers. I think there is a dc version of that game somewhere on the web.

from the beach2399d ago

Thunder Blade could have worked so well if it had got an OutRun 2 style reboot.. perhaps Sega just felt it wasn't as well known or beloved..

Did you ever get to play on the deluxe version of After Burner Climax?

Eternalb2399d ago

Who knows... Sega is moving pretty much to a digital world. Eventually they'll have to cash in on everything.

hapychkn2400d ago

What a professionally produced, wonderful piece of work! That man has the voice of a golden honey bear, and his vies are spot on! An absolute boon to the gaming community! Never let that man go!

Eternalb2400d ago

I agree. The man's voice warms my soul!