IGN Reviews Ninjabread Man: Abysmal

Via IGN:

Is Ninjabread Man actually a good game? No chance. It's buggy, oftentimes completely broken, somehow manages to have frame issues in tiny levels, and is completely ruthless if (and when) younger players die. We'd be silly to go any further than this to seriously critique the game, as it's a low-budget shelf-filler. The game has its hilarious moments, even if only because we're controlling a tiny Ninjabread Man (with a rad weapon, nonetheless), but in the end we of course can't endorse the game whatsoever, as it's a broken mess of a product. That being said, it may in fact be in the running for Game of the Year 2008. We just love it too much to deny it.


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ChaosKnight3933d ago

I love the video review =)

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lol, Lovely review. "Unrivalled".

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What a name Ninjabread Man. lol.

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