Skullgirls Review: Intimidatingly Sexy [Dealspwn] writes: "Skullgirls is a sensational fighter that deserves to take the competitive/pro scene by storm. It packs more profound balance, greater flexibility and smoother animations than most games thrice its price, and Reverge Labs deserve to be congratulated wholeheartedly for their momentous achievement.

If you love fighting games, be sure to treat yourself as soon as possible. But newcomers or more casual players - those who love to play rather than play to win - will be better served elsewhere."

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TheModernKamikaze2400d ago

I love the reviews this game apparently developed since 2006.

JellyJelly2400d ago

I didn't like Skullgirls. I felt it lacks personality and I'd rather pick up Marvel vs Capcom 3 if I wanted this type of game.


either that one opinion i can just agree with or are you just those type of people who love to just stand in a corner and shoot

Hicken2400d ago

Just because they're fighters doesn't mean they're the same type of game. Skullgirls is more, to me, like Guilty Gear or BlazBlue or Battle Fantasia, and has very little in common with Street Fighter or MvC.