Lost Odyssey Australian Release Date Announced Plus PreOrder Bonus

Lost Odyssey's release date has been officially announced on Pidgeo's blog, plus information on a special pre-order bonus (possibly Australian only).

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Zhuk5448d ago

This is fantastic news for Xbox 360 gamers in Australia, Lost Odyssey is shaping up to be another quality JRPG on the Xbox 360, the Xbox 360 is looking to be the system to own if you want to play JRPG's in 2008. I know I will be pre-ordering Hironobu Sakaguchi's latest epic for the extra bonus.

MrWonderful5448d ago

sorry pal but no xbox console will ever be the best console for jrpgs. what a tard. but this will be a great game .

ruibing5448d ago (Edited 5448d ago )

I'm sure it'll be a great JRPG, I just don't know why you bothered to refer to the 360 in such a honorific way three times in a single sentence. This game is probably the only thing that could entice me to purchase a 360 some years down the line.

kewlkat0075448d ago

Im working on Eternal sonata, I will be getting this one. It's old-school and that's how I like my RPGs.

I've been playing FFXII on and off and sadley, I've gotten bored. I've miss the suspense of not knowing what monsters are in a certain area before I fight them. Now you got monsters looking like retards, walking around aimessley, which are easily avoidable.

I don't like the automated fighting system. I Wonder how FFXIII will be like. This game is old-school which is my style.