Lost Odyssey Brilliantly Explores The Tragedy Of Being Immortal

Peter Tieryas writes: The worldbuilding is mysterious and intriguing, with each new section making me want to know more about the immortals. The narrative gets richer with each new set piece, the bond the characters have growing as they face off against enemies that come in a variety of forms.

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Spurg1026d ago

One of the best and underrated stories from last gen. I remember there was a bunch of Japanese exclusive games that were released last gen and they received mediocre reviews. In actual fact, the scores did not reflect those games and I blame those stupidly harsh critics for the lack of Japnese games for the latter part of last gen and this gen.
Phil spencer should find a way to either remaster this game or give it a sequel it deserves.

RpgSama1026d ago (Edited 1026d ago )

I cried several times in the game, all the different a thousand years of dream short stories are amazingly written, such a good game.


I LOVED those stories. I really hope we can get a remake of the original.

Spenok1026d ago

Same here man. They were so moving and beautifully written.

I wish this game would see a modem release.

TheColbertinator1026d ago

One of the most solid games on the Xbox 360. The music was superb

ZwVw1026d ago (Edited 1026d ago )

Gamespot openly admitted that their 7.5 review score of LO was based on an incomplete version of the game which featured bugs (i.e. frequent texture load-ins, long loading times in-between battles, etc.) that weren't prevalent in the retail version. Yet, they never tweaked their final score of the game to reflect the retail version, despite claiming that they soon would.

Ripsta7th1026d ago

Microsift hella tried last gen but asians were too brand loyal to realize
Tbh i think dats why MS stopped investing in external developers cause of this shit

1026d ago
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timotim1026d ago

Great game. Hoping for a sequel in the future.

BLizardXD1026d ago (Edited 1026d ago )

for a second i thought there was some actual news for this.
can only wish to see something good to finally happen for this IP.

Pastemaniak1026d ago

Same. Saw the pic and my heart flipped thinking it was going to be released on PC or something

bluefox7551026d ago

I gotta go back and play this, one of the many rpgs I played when I was too young to really understand the narrative.

TheGamez1001026d ago

This and the last story really need to be remastered. Mistwalker made a mistake on what platforms to put these games on...

phoenixwing1026d ago

The battle system for this game was pretty good iirc

timotim1026d ago

Their were no mistakes...Microsoft funded the projects which is why they still own the IPs now. Plus you can play both of these games right now on current gen Xbox consoles through BC.

AHall881026d ago

The Wii is part of the Xbox's BC now? Dang, that's new. (The Last Story was a Wii game, that Microsoft had nothing to do with.)

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