Left 4 Dead 3: Yet Another Speculative Article

GameBandits: "It has been more than two years since we were treated to Left 4 Dead 2. This horror survival fps title cemented the Left 4 Dead series’ place in the minds of many hardcore gamers as a distinct shooter series that truly pushes the genre forward. We are still unsure if there will even be a next installment coming soon given the frustration caused by Valve’s silence regarding the purported development of Half-Life 3."

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BXbomber3387d ago

god i hope it comes to ps3 as well

Felinox3387d ago

Rather it came to PS4.

GamingPerson3387d ago

what will you do after a year? It needs custom maps on console or it will be dead and people will want l4d4.

Plagasx3387d ago

Oh god no.


givemeshelter3387d ago

That would be great if they bring out HL3 and L4D3 :)

Getowned3386d ago

The Companion Box
*Portal 2
*Half-Life 3
*Left 4 Dead 3
*Team Fortress 3

= Epic Over LOAD!!!

gtxgamer23386d ago

xbox would have to come with 4 discs

Getowned3384d ago

even if it did it would still be worth it gtxgamer2 lol

theeg3387d ago

bring it out for nextbox/ps4 please!

but do want hl3 way more and counter strike 2 (not the remake/reskin as much) and dota2

KMCROC543387d ago

keep L4D3 ON XBOX , that is where it belongs.
This is where it's fans are & where it started out on, one more thing i DGAF who deserves to play it . want to play it buy a F360 console or a PC.

skyblue142133387d ago (Edited 3387d ago )

The series atm has never released on the ps3 and a lot of gamers that own the l4d games probably own both of the xbox 360 and ps3 by now. So your point of the series staying on the xbox 360 is ridiculous. Also how would you know that the l4d series is better suited to staying on the xbox 360 and not going over to the ps3, for all you know ps3 gamers might actually want to play a l4d game on the ps3. I own the pc versions of both l4d & l4d 2, but I would actually buy a l4d game or games if they were released on the ps3 and I am sure millions of other ps3 owners/gamers would agree also. The pc l4d series community is still going strong since the first title released mainly because of the user generated mods and content and thus the pc versions of the l4d games are considered the superior versions concerning both l4d games. So I don't see were your claim of "keep L4D3 ON XBOX , that is where it belongs.
This is where it's fans are" holds any merit.

KMCROC543387d ago

Like the way they took to Mass effect series, as you can see i acknowledged the PC community at the end of my comment . saying what i said cause am tired of all this why isn't on my platform crap is why am saying that the game should remain on the platforms it's on .

skyblue142133386d ago (Edited 3386d ago )

The mass effect series and the left 4 dead series are two completely different series made by different developers. So I still don't get your point in what you are saying because it obviously does not make sense in comparing the two different series to each other and trying to justify your opinion with it when there is clearly no connection that even comes close between the two series.

The only thing that I can think of concerning the mass effect series is the disappointing ending that was in the third game. I seriously hope that is not your excuse because that effected the game on all platforms and had nothing to do with sony.

Also if you had no problem with the l4d series going to the pc why do you all of a sudden have a problem with it if the l4d series gets released on the ps3. Like I said your reasoning on why you don't want the l4d series to be on the ps3 seems ridiculous because you don't provide anything logical or any good reason for that matter on why you don't want the l4d series to be released on the ps3. If anything would come out of the l4d series being released on the ps3 is that it would make valve more money and bring more potential fans to the series who might not have a pc or xbox 360.

Furthermore, technically the l4d series started on the pc because the game had to have been developed on a pc in the first place, and knowing microsoft they probably paid off valve to release the first l4d game 1 day before the game was released on the pc.
I have used all of my bubbles up on this topic so I won't be able to comment again. So if I don't respond to a potential reply from you, you'll know why.

KMCROC543386d ago

Am not comparing games or delvelopers, what am saying point blank is that they should leave L4D on PC & Xbox. As for why i don't want it on PS is cause i can't stand that company ,it's origin, it fanbase. If it were to go to PS3 it would make no money just like how ME2 made no money. as for company practices they all do it

NYC_Gamer3386d ago (Edited 3386d ago )

Why shouldn't L4D expand to all major platforms?its not like you wouldn't be able to play the game on your hardware of choice....I couldn't stand L4D myself but the franchise should be made available to more gamers....

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