Ubisoft to Announce Anno 2070 Online

DotMMO has reported that Ubisoft's Blue Byte is now working on the online version of ANNO 2070.

More information about Anno 2070 Online will be introduced at Quo Vadis 2012, which will take place later this month.

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ThanatosDMC2794d ago

Fake news. Anno 2070 has always been online but can be played offline. Playing offline wont let you keep Ark modules or use the Ark storage though on Continuous mode.

You could also tell the video is blocking the upper left and the lower right part of the screen during gameplay.

The game has been released. This website/submitter is pulling crap out of its/his ass.

Officile website:

lzim2794d ago

Pretty much.

It isn't like they can scale up 2070 and call that a new game.. .. ..

hoho5942793d ago

This would be a browser online game