Top-notch Sega shooter Binary Domain given PC release date


Binary Domain's an "intense and hectic romp" with a great campaign and Meccano-like robo-baddies you can blow apart very satisfyingly indeed. It's a game that's put internal Sega development back on the map.

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Rikitatsu2372d ago

What an awesome game, shunned by bandwagon riders that have nothing better to do than criticize games they haven't played because Metacritic says so.

I hope it sells better on PC as it deserves better.

NYC_Gamer2372d ago

What about those of us who played the demo?and just don't like the game...

ThatEnglishDude2372d ago

...Then you don't like it. Bit of a silly thing to say really lol.

Baka-akaB2372d ago (Edited 2372d ago )

If you dont like it then you dont like it that's all . But there are definitively trends and press followers around .

Folks whom dont truly make up there own mind , and listen to big outlet nitpicking such obscure games .

Hell some spent paragraphs complaining about the ridiculous Big Bo , but had no issues with equally crappy and ridiculous chars such as Cole Train ... and magically forgot some of the flaws you could find in other big tps , only to magically notice them within Binary Domain instead .

M4I0N32372d ago

i thought it was an awesome game aswell, it was very Appleseed reminiscent and to be honest, I'm highly surprised on how SEGA managed to make such an AAA game. It doesn't feel out of place when you compare it to other western games.

floetry1012372d ago

Fell into the same niche category as the Yakuza series sadly. Both great, unique titles in their own right. Hopefully Binary Domain sees some love on PC.

Kurylo3d2372d ago

i keep hearing how great yakuza is... but honestly i bought part 3 and i hated that game so much it hurt. Very boring.. unique.. yes.. uniquely bad.