Diabolical Pitch Review (

GodisaGeek: "The game is fairly short and unless you are really set on beating scores and competing with friends, you could probably see all that the game has to offer in a matter of hours. It is simple, pick up and play fun, which is immediately accessible to players across a broad spectrum of ages and playing skills.

Despite the somewhat creepy theme and setting, the game is probably a good one for playing with other family members as it is such a simple premise that anyone can understand. The game has a strange style that is sure to put some players off, as is the baseball theme, which has never been a hugely popular in Europe. At its core, Diabolical Pitch is a mini-game that has been drawn out into a fully-fledged title. This makes the whole thing seem a bit shallow, but there is still plenty of fun to be had in the over-the-top silliness. As an Xbox LIVE Arcade download, the title will keep you entertained for a short time, but doesn’t score a Grand Slam."

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robbttf2787d ago

Not a bad attempt at a kinect arcade title - and fans of Suda 51 and his wacky visions will appreciate the style!

2787d ago