CES '08: The Agency Developer Walkthrough part 1&2

With action, espionage and humor, The Agency delivers.


There is also a part 3

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solar3939d ago

looking good. im worried about the massive part. a lot of ppl in the central hub, these so-called "spy cars" you can obtain, with a constant frame-rate with graphics up to par. PC's still have trouble with MMO's and massive amounts of entities, im hoping consoles can pull it off. Alan Wake and its big claims, and this. it will get very interesting...

TriggerHappy3939d ago

Yeah For a game in a Pre-Alpha stage, it is looking very nice. Except for a few frame rate drops during gameplay. I can't wait to see the finished product.

HarryEtTubMan3939d ago

I cant wait... MMO FPS... I'm gonna be cappin' people

INehalemEXI3939d ago (Edited 3939d ago )

Hope we get phat lewtz.

Relin3939d ago

I can't wait to see the final release.

TheHater3939d ago

WOW. that was actually really cool. I will be getting this game when it comes out

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