Unseen concept art for The Agency

SystemLink: "The Agency was a promising massively multiplayer online shooter that was being developed by Sony Online Entertainment in their Seattle studio. However, following the closure of the Seattle studio the project was cancelled. Yet all is not lost, as SystemLink is able to show you some concept art from the title which hints at some of the possible environments in which missions could have taken place in."

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Focker4203657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

Just so everyone is clear the is 'The Agency', an MMO FPS for the PS3 and PC.

This is NOT 'Agent', the 1970's spy espionage title being developed by Rockstar.

Sinkway3656d ago

oh so its not a PS3 exclusive anymore? haha Ohh i kid, i kid.

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Antholex3656d ago

It's a shame this title got cancelled, going by these images it seems they were going for a variety of locales which is always nice to see.

telekineticmantis3656d ago

this looks better than I imagined.