Ubisoft actually registers domain name for Rabbids’ yell

Ubisoft has made somewhat of an interesting domain purchase this week. On April 17, 2012, the video game publisher registered the thirteen-letter name, which refers to the crazy rabbits known as the Rabbids and their trademark yell, “BWAAAAAAAH!”. Oddly enough, Ubisoft opted not to go with shorter versions of the name like (which is only twelve letters long and is available at the time of this story). In fact, Ubisoft could’ve registered the nine-letter, ten-letter or even the eleven-letter names.

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zielocz3k2466d ago


Rayman Origins sequel or Rayman 4 please

Abash2466d ago

Damn, "Bwaaaaaaaaaah" was going to be the name of my new company and I was eyeing that domain name :/

f7897902466d ago

Sequel to origins? Wouldn't that be the same as a remake of the original? (which I would love)

helghast1022466d ago

I really hope this isn't a sign of another Rabbids game.
More good Rayman titles please, I freakin' loved Origins.

Smashbro292466d ago

Origins except all the enemies are now rabbids. BWAAAAAAAAAAA