Kickstarters to Watch

Seeing as how crowd funding has become the talk of the town since Double Fine created their monstrously popular Kickstarter project, it's no wonder other developers have been trying to get the community excited about their own projects. Here's some of the most interesting ones out there right now.

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Torillian3010d ago

Kinda crazy how many of these things are popping up now. Seemed like such a novel idea when Doublefine made one and now it's already cliche, internet is weird like that.

zeal0us3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

Just yesterday I read someone started a kickstarter to build Super Mario Level 1-1 out of Legos and they want 25K....
I can already see that some of these kickstarters projects won't turn out all that good and people will start complaining.

Diver3009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )

here's another getting ready to kick off

bmw693010d ago

Loads of companies jumping on the bandwagon...

Spectator13010d ago

Kickstarter funding has really taken off. I wonder if people will be disappointed with the final products tho. I've got pretty low expectations personally (the budgets sound tiny across the board; even the kind of figures Double Fine raised seem low).

Rainbird3010d ago

Yeah, it's not the biggest of budgets, but they don't all need to be either. Look at TAKEDOWN for example, they needed $200k, but that's only to make an alpha and convince investors (i.e. publishers) that the game is worth supporting. In that case, the "kickstart" is only that, and not something that will directly result in a finished game.

Mythicninja3010d ago

I'm trying to get word out on grim dawn, a new kickstarter as of today that missed this article. ARPG from former titan quest developers that will be highly competitive with diablo. Check out the occultist class gameplay vids