The Fatal Frame Photo Album

IGN: Flip through the pages of our visual history for Tecmo's spine-tingling survival horror series.

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Run_bare3450d ago

I Love Fatal Frame series, i wish they continue this the story and release on PS3. Still upset with "Mask of the Lunar Eclipse". I hope SONY will purchase the rights to release it on the PS3 :)

HarryMasonHerpderp3450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

I played the original games on the PS2,would of been nice to keep the franchise on the playstation with updated HD graphics. I was also disappointed about
Mask Of The Lunar Eclipse being on the wii lets just
hope we can get a HD collection in the future.

Run_bare3449d ago

you know what even worse, I bought a Wii hoping for this game to come out eventually. But it's Japan only. I give my Wii away after 2 years waiting :(

Skate-AK3449d ago

I'm pretty sure somewhere I read that they said they don't have the knowledge to program for PS3 and 360

theeg3449d ago

fatal frame games run perfect and look AMAZING in 1080p on pc!!