The Backlog: The Witcher

Default Prime's Charles Battersby writes: "PC Gamers can be smug about our platform exclusives. We get all sorts of MMO’s, RTS, and FPS games that never make it to the consoles. The action RPG The Witcher used to be one of those little treasures that PC gamers could lord over their Xbox friends. But that’s about to change when The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition hits Xbox this week. Still, we get to be smug about having the original Witcher all to ourselves. Of course, I never actually played either game in the series, so my smugness was delayed until this week when I got my first taste of the alchemical lure of this Polish game."

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NYC_Gamer2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

I own the original Witcher and believe that it should be ported over to console via xbl or psn

caboose322402d ago

They would basically have to remake the game for consoles.

All the combat and systems in the game wouldn't work with a controller at all.

NYC_Gamer2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

They already have a console version made just never saw the light of day because of Atari

Here's the trailer

caboose322402d ago

Yea I remember that. It would be cool if they could pick it up where they left off and finish it, but I have a feeling CPDR is already pretty busy right now.

RankFTW2395d ago

One of the greatest games of all time.