Preview – Lollipop Chainsaw: Slicing zombies in half is still awesome

Suda 51’s new game with Grasshopper Manufacture combines the fighting of No More Heroes with crazy chainsaws and zombie students.

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Frankfurt2375d ago

30fps action game = instant fail.

AIndoria2375d ago

Are you a PC gamer? PC gamers are used to playing games @60fps and yes, they'll say everything at 30 fps is bad. But then again, it all boils down to opinions. I don't think fps is the issue as long as you enjoy the game.

pat_11_52375d ago

I didn't know about the FPS issue. That's strange.

FinaLXiii2375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )

Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad with fixed gameplay basicly.

But somewhat something tells me this one is more fun -

AIndoria2375d ago

I want this game just for uh...babes. But honestly, looking forward to it.