Call of Duty - Black Ops 2: Is the Franchise Running out of Steam?

GameBandits: "A quick look at the places where gamers congregate to talk games such as Reddit’s /r/gaming or °^° °^° and you will see that a lot of people as starting to feel a little jaded with the Call of Duty series. Without fail, come Thanksgiving, there will always be a new Activision offering trying to squeeze your turkey money from your pockets. Until until now people have *ahem* flocked, year on year to purchase the games in ever increasing numbers."

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LivingTribunal3395d ago

It started running out of steam a LONG time ago. It's tiring.
Been using the same engine/content for years. Every Call of Duty game that comes out now feels like and Expansion pack to Modern Warfare 1.

The cheating, boosting and hacking plagues this series more than any other game i'v ever played. I told my friends i would never buy another COD game again. They said it couldn't be done. So i picked up BF3 and never looked back.

NYC_Gamer3395d ago

Will be looking forward to more of this articles once ops 2 releases and sells millions