Gamefly Now Offering Trade In Program

The program will let you trade in games you own and apply credit towards your membership fee. You will not however be able to use the credits to buy games which is kind of a bummer. If you want to know how much a specific game will go for on this program leave the game name in the comments and I will look it up for you.

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mikeslemonade3940d ago

This is actually a pretty good deal depending on how much credit they give you. The $15 a month gamefly swaded me into subscribing for the $12 a month gottaplay. I mean $15 is two rented games from blockbuster and I don't have to wait, but I do have games that I can trade in so I can lower that $15.

live3603940d ago

Yeah I know. I will definatly do this a few times. It looks like they are giving a decent amount for the games too

THX71683940d ago

I'm pretty sure I've seen this posted on before.

KillJoi993940d ago

Post a link to where the game values are listed?