What If Video Games Were Real?

VGB: I’m sure we’ve all thought about this at some point… “What would happen if video games were real?”

What’s your favorite game brought to life?

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SavageKuma2465d ago

Freaking excellent video, loved everyone minute of it. You got my vote lol.

Imikida2465d ago

HAhaha love smosh, rockband was hilarious too.

SovereignSnaKe2465d ago

-HA!, with Cosplay like this were halfway there! :)

Kyosuke_Sanada2465d ago

Man that ringtone, it make miss the first installment of Power Rangers way back when. Other than that it was a very funny video, I really thought the roller skating lesson was going to be grounds for a Jet Set Radio joke but it was hilarious regardless.

NIRVANArazor2465d ago

This was awesome! and wooo Nirvana!

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