PlayStation.Blog: More New Folklore Tales Coming Soon

Following on the heels of last month's additions to the Folklore tale, two new downloadable add-on packs are heading your way soon.

In The Alchemist Pack (Folklore Add-on #3), Ellen heads for Undersea City in search of her mother, while other quests will find you collecting stones for a mysterious alchemy experiment and clearing away the Folks who are blocking the Elevator in Hell Realm.

Discover Scarab, a new Folk that will make sure you get the "point", as well as a special Faery-inspired costume for Ellen.

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Hapimeses5803d ago

All this extra content is making me seriously reconsider not purchasing this game. I played the demo and was largely underwhelmed, but I've heard many good things from friends about the game, and all the new downloadables appear they will considerably extend the replay value. I was similarly enticed to buy Motorstorm -- which also has a ton of extras if you so wish -- and I've been very pleased with that purchase so far.

Anyone tried any of the new packs for Folklore yet? Are the worth it?

Keowrath5803d ago (Edited 5803d ago )

I've bought all updates up till now and the free christmas update was a very nice addition. I'd say they are worth it (costing a measly £1.50). They give new outfits which look cool and also protect against certain status effects which adds a little more strategy on top of which Folks you choose to add to your attack panel.

There's also new quests which obviously prolong the life of the game and new Folks for you to "level up" which also adds.

Going for 100% and upgrading your folks can sometimes feel a bit of a chore but that could just be me as I try to upgrade them to max as soon as I get them. If you were to just get on with the pretty deep story and upgrade as you go along you may well feel differently.

It is a great game and utilizes the Sixaxis in ways that many PS3 games fail (It seems like a solid addition, not tacked on like some other titles.)

If you like action games with RPG elements, I think you'll like it.

Hapimeses5803d ago (Edited 5803d ago )

Sweet. Ta for the mini-review, I reckon I'm pretty much sold. I'll pick it up some time soon.


Bubbles for that!

KidMakeshift5803d ago (Edited 5803d ago )

The packs are quite long. The game itself is around 30hrs if you upgrade your folks. The only bad thing about the game is you basiclly play the same areas with both characters with little variation.

wageslave5803d ago (Edited 5803d ago )

From Metacritic:

Playstation 3: Folklore (2007) 74

Will these extensions patch the big suck this game has?

For PS3 owners -- I recommend Elder Scrolls

Xbox 360: Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, The (2006) 94
Bethesda Softworks / 2K Games

Playstation 3: Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, The (2007) 93
Bethesda Softworks

Sure, its not as good as the Xbox 360 version (as usual), but if you dont have a Xbox 360, and only have a PS3, Oblivion is your best bet.

Or, just sell your Sony RIAA / MPAA player and get an Xbox 360 -- you'll have access to the best games that way. Oh, and Fable 2 is coming next year -- you know, the sequal to Fable 1 which has 8.5 / 10 on Metacritic, which you can play on EVERY SINGLE Xbox 360 in existence since they are *all* backwards compatible.

Certainly a better choice than that mediocre Folklore on PS3.


Skerj5803d ago (Edited 5803d ago )

Do you always follow what metacritic says or do you actually have taste? I had Oblivion and I hated it, I don't really care for Western/Euro/Medieval Fantasy and the combat was a super bore. I love Folklore though, the storyline is deep (Penned from the creator of the Shin Megami Tensei series), combat is fun, and they've been prolonging the life of the game. Have you played it past the demo? And is Folklore or any game like it on the 360? No? Wow gee I thought I was getting the greatest gaming system ever from what you said.

Yes all 360s are somewhat BC, but can you play Otogi I/II, Chronicles of Riddick, Everything or Northing, and Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath on them? No? Well WTF does that leave me? Still playing the games on the original Xbox that's what. MY PS3 is 100% BC because I knew what I was buying beforehand, and I still have a PS2. For the record if you have the core system or the arcade system you're SOL on BC because it requires a hard drive which is at minimum an extra 100 bucks, correct? Don't come piss on topics that you had no interest in otherwise.

wil4hire5803d ago (Edited 5803d ago )

Both joke status :)

Enjoy counting invalid metacritic scores that dont add up a ton of PS3

PS3 people will be enjoying better games/movies/psp.

Uncharted is the best looking game out this generation says gametrailers and others, yet you will pass because of what some fat comic book guy said over the internet? lol.

Enjoy your RROD and busted ass XBL. Sorry to hear about HD-DVD.

Hapimeses5803d ago

Well, if I soley based my purchases from Metacritic reviews, there are many games I've seriously enjoyed that I wouldn't go near with ten-foot-long barge pole. Fortunately, I have a broader view.

As for Oblivion: I love it (indeed, I got the GOTY edition for Christmas), but the graphics are seriously bad in comparison to other PS3 games I have; and that isn't just a PS3 issue as the game is effectively the same on both platforms,once the GOTY nonsense is added (that said, people keep trying to tell me the PS3 version is better, but I'm unconvinced; although, the draw distance did look a little better to me -- that said, the draw distance comparison isn't a good thing, as it isn't great on the PS3 in the first place). But, the game is pretty old, so I forgive it a great deal for all the things it does right.

As for your trolling comments, I'll just ignore those.

Tsukasah5803d ago

Once again, f@cking retarded f@cking xbox f@cking fanboys say good f@cking ratings make a f@cking game f@cking good. God f@cking dammit you need to SHUT THE F@CK UP! ALL OF YOU DAMN RETARDED XBOT FANBOYS. Seriously, Folklore is by far an AMAZING game. For once, an original game comes out and everyone downgrades it solely because it got bad ratings. Whoop de dooo! Halo got great ratings, but it is most definitely not the best FPS out there. UT3 and COD4 are much better. And just because something sells good does not mean its good. Using your logic you're saying Killzone 1 was a good game. I personally didn't like it, but do have good hopes for KZ2. If good sales make something great, then rap music of today would be actually talented. I'm not saying the music is bad(I hate rap, but I do admit some of the beats are pretty nifty!), I'm just calling them talentless retards. Basically all modern music sucks anyways.

Blah, get off this site... and say bye bye to your bubbles.

n_n5803d ago

following a tarnished broken review system and allowing others to make the decision because you're not smart enough to have your own. I'd like to say that i did buy Oblivion and it having great reviews and awards and guess what? THE GAME SUCKED for me. It was boring and the story sucked. I bought Folklore and it is fun as Hell (pardon pun) This goes with a lot of games that scored low yet i had so much fun with them and i'm glad i never go by reviews. Why let others decide what game is good for you?

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Keowrath5803d ago (Edited 5803d ago )

Was it me or was there a stealth update in "the worst PSN update for EU ever" because I found a new DLC pack last week that I hadn't purchased (Giving Keats a new outfit with top hat and tails, a new folk and a new quest or 2)

I love the game but some of the quests are infuriating as hell (especially the ones with time limits) and this is coming from someone who went through Ninja Gaiden on Master Ninja mode.

More DLC is always welcome in my book.

*EDIT* was the disagree to say that it wasn't a stealth update or is it just Wageslave being an ass (see above)

Skerj5803d ago (Edited 5803d ago )

All the PSN post Xmas updates sucked ass, but I'll have to check on that one if so coolbeans. At least you guys got the Super Stardust HD update, it's still not available for other territories and I'm not buying the game again.

PS360WII5803d ago

Folklore is a great game and unfortunatly so many greater games came out at the same time so this one got swept under the rug :(

Underrated game for sure. The upgrades are alright but the game on the disc is sweet enough if you don't want to buy any of the extras

lodossrage5803d ago

they add stuff to keep you coming back. I think I'm starting to like next gen gaming lol